Sunday, 15 July 2018

Rapper T.I Buys wife Car worth 200K to make up for Cheating (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Rapper TI was caught cheating a few weeks ago - with a light skinned woman, believed to be Greenleaf actress Asia'h Epperson. Since being "caught" with the beautiful young actress, TI and Asia'h have been spotted around Los Angeles together - leading some people to speculate that hey are still creeping.
Whatever TI has with his side chick - he's doing everything to get his wife Tiny to forgive him. TI has already claimed to be ready to "renew" his vows with Tiny.

And now, he's buying her "forgive me" gifts. Normally T buys Tiny a nice birthday present - but this year was EXTRA special. TI bought his longtime partner/wife a new $200K convertible Mercedes sports car.

Tiny seemed to love the present. But we bet she'd love a faithful husband even more!!
In December 2017, Tiny reportedly filed for divorce. A hearing was scheduled for March 2017, according to People. However, it was removed from the calendar once court officials learned T.I. had never been served with divorce papers.
 Watch video below.

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