Friday, 11 May 2018

Ifeanyicy is a Gay, Blackmailer and and a back stabber - Flowyrymz blasts Imo controversial blogger in FB video.

As 2019 elections gather momentum it has been one Blackmail to the other between the opposition through different media channels.

The latest to hit the mediasphere is that of two Imo bloggers who work for different Party Media Channel Floyrymz(APC ) and ifeanyiCy Njoku (PDP)

The drama started after the later took to facebook live on a 1hour 30 minutes documentary video to expose the present governments dirty dealing and how the governor used his Son In Law, Uche Nwosu who was the Then Commissioner Of Lands, to deprive people of their properties but one thing let to the other, Flowrymez was mentioned in the video (CLICK HERE TO WATCH IFEANYICY NJOKU’s VIDEO).

This triggered the former to make his own video via facebook live, and on this course, made a lot of revelations that seemed to be raising dust(CLICK HERE TO WATCH DARLINGTON FLOWRYMEZ IBEKWE’s VIDEO).
In a Phone chat, Darlington confirmed this allegation when our news news source reached out to him regarding this report. He said; “IfeanyiCy is a serial Blackmailer and Gay” i apologized for mentioning his dissabilities in another video but i can never apologize for ever saying the truth about him been gay.
He won’t ever deny this. A while ago, he was lynched at Villa Garden by his supposed lover. After enticing the young man to a hotel room, he unclad thinking that the boy was playing along only for him to use rope to tie ifeanyiCy’s Dick With Rope To The Wibdow’s Protector and wipe him mercilessly with A Ruler….lol
He also went on to reveal that IfeanyiCy’s Latest Car(Avalon) was Bought and given to him by Uche Nwosu.
What do you make of all this revelations?


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