Wednesday, 16 May 2018

“I Will Initiate An SUG Star Factory For Water, Yogurt, others” – IMSU SUG Presidential Aspirant Says.

Following the revival of hope over the protracted student union election which has lingered for so long in IMSU, Aspirants have resumed campaigns. An SUG presidential aspirant Mr. Ogbuogu Andy (MAKE SENSE) from the department of optometry has restated what Imo stars should expect from his government. 

According to the Presidential hopeful, an SUG Factory where water, yogurts and other consumables will be manufactured will come to existence under his watch as the union presiding officer.

According to the Indigenous comrade, the sparkling beauties of office do not move him rather the plight and sufferings of the student saw his presidential bid.

Recall that before the emergence of the immediate past Student Union republic, the then presidential aspirant Mr. Frankine Ugocukwu (CAPACITY) promised to build an SUG Star secretariat and months gone after his emergence, to the Glory of God, the SUG Secretariat came to existence and comrade Ogbuogu Andy (MAKE SENSE) seems to trending same path of promise.

 “I am here to fulfill all the unfiled promises of my predecessors” he said. “I will improve the overall welfare of Imo stars, both in terms of security, academics and social life”.

“I will press on the state government to intervene in our struggle for lecture rooms by way of attracting a 200 capacity reading hall, where all students will go for reading”.

The controversial comrade who have in recent time been in the media for obvious good reasons revealed hand full of secrets and projects his successful regime will initiate to better the experience of Imo stars.

Watch the short clip below and draw your conclusions because a mountain cannot be hidden; remember to hold them by their words when elected into offices.

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