Friday, 11 May 2018

I Swear With My late Brother's Grave You No Go See the Sun - Legacy threatens to Kill Speedo of Dtwins Duo (Screenshots)

Both the Political scene and entertainment scene in Imo seems to have some interesting vibes on it now after seeing the drama APC intra- party politics gave us during their ward congress. Followed by the Ifeanyi Cy and Flowyrymz Ibekwe drama.

The latest is between two O town artistes Legacy and Speedo of Dtwinz Group.
Speedo over the week raised alarm after he was threatened by Legacy in what appears to be a disagreement over the delivery of the work Dtwins did for him.
Speedo who runs Dtwinz Photo Studio covered Legacy's Traditional wedding last year.

In screenshots sent to us It was observed that Legacy threatened speedo live saying he will deal mercilessly with him if he fails to deliver the Media files of the event he covered .


When our correspondent reached out to Dtwins he alleged that Legacy's work was ready but, after series of calls on him to come and collect it he failed claiming he is busy and kept postponing it.
So it was unfortunate that when Legacy finally had time him too Dtwinz eventually got too engaged to create time for him.
Which led to Legacy threatening his life.

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