Thursday, 26 April 2018

Pictures that will bring tears to your eyes, look at how Benue is bleeding (PHOTOS)

The sustained attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Benue State has caused the destruction of more lives and properties in the area which is described as the food basket of the nation.
Ali-Agudu one of the affected areas in the state experienced horror recently with several residents slaughtered by yet to be apprehended attackers. 14 people were reportedly killed and more corpses have been recovered from the scene of the attacks.
Several people were also injured in the attack and according to reports, they are battling for their lives in various hospitals.
A register which is trending on social media shows the names and sex of the victims as seen below:
1 Ugbuusu Martha membe Ir  F (Dead) 
2. Ukohol nyamve  F (Dead)
3. Zaki Michael Alaaga M (Dead)
4. Cosmas Alaaga M (Dead)
5. Ukaana ujir  F (Dead)
6.  Terdoo Ivokor  m(Dead)
7.  Paulina Augustine F (Dead)
8.  Ushiveer Tyeku   F (Dead)
9. Mayooga  Tyeku F (Dead)
10. Maggi Atoo  F  (Dead)
11. Charity Shomngi  F (Dead)
12. Mageret mtem   F (Dead)
13. Babagida kuuga M (Dead)
14 Akombobeer Bua  M (Dead)
15 Bridget Ugbuusu  F( shot but not dead)
16 Hannah Kaduna  F(shot but not dead)
17. Eucharia Anyoko F(shot but not dead)
18. Wanka zende  F(shot but not dead)
19. Akosu Michael  M  (shot but later died).
Dr. M Y Ortses, Chairman Guma LGA Mr. Anthony Shawon were present to access the number of casualties and sympathize with the affected families during Ali- Agudu pogrom.
See more photos:

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