Sunday, 15 April 2018

No Ticket sales, No Auditious as EXQUISITE QUEEN NIGERIA WORLD makes it totally #UdeecideEQNW2018

After bagging lots of endorsements from Government institutions, Coperate bodies, this year

This is to inform all aspiring contestants that all auditions have being cancelled.

Taking into cognizant the theme of this year's edition of Exquisite Queen which is Dexterous edition and our Hash tag *#UdecideEQNW2018*
we have come to the concluded to allow our fan, your fan, our public and your public to decide Who makes it to camp on the 1st of July, meaning they are the ones to choose for us

How dose this work

You pictures will be posted on all our social media handles and the links to the pictures given to you so as to share to your friends and fans for them to vote for you.
*NB: any contestant caught using auto like will be automatically disqualified, so please warn your friends
Contestants that gets up to 200 - 100 votes or likes and 50 comment on each of the social media handle is qualified to camp

How to vote

Before your fans vote, they should first of all, like the Facebook page and then, they should like your picture which is the (vote), before commenting.
Before your fans vote can count, first of all on Instagram they should  follow the page before liking your picture which is the (vote) before commenting
Anybody that votes without following the above instructions *Note the vote will not count*
submission of contestants pictures starts 14th April and ends on 26th of April*
Voting starts 1st May and ends on the 19th of May 2018
NB: the contestants with the highest votes and likes shall get a surprise gift from one of our sponsoring company *Riverside Tourism and Funfair Hotel*

In another related development there won't be ticket sales and the agency has taken it uppon themselves to provide outfits the contestants will wear.

This is all part of the pageant drive to provide a level playing ground for all.

Good luck to everyone

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