Sunday, 22 April 2018

IK Ogbonna is a Political Snake - Media strategist Flowyrymz Ibekwe warns Ararume about fomer S.A on ICT to Okorocha

Reacting to Ik Ogbonna's  interview on why he dumped Imo Guber Candidate Uche Nwosu's Camp and pitched tent with  Sen. Ararume on his 2019 guber ambition Media strategist Mr Flowrymz Ibekwe has has taken a swipe on Former S.A on I.C.T to Gov. Okorocha IK Ogbonna for being a back stabber who would betray friends for wads of cash.

The Media Strategist in the lenghty post also warned Sen. Ararume to be careful of Ik Ogbonna for he might also back stab him same way he did to Okorocha and Uche Nwosu.

below is what he wrote,
I have carefully followed up Mr. Ik Ogbonna political transition from Chief Dr. Uche Nwosu’s political camp to Senator Ifeanyi Ararume’s camp to support his 2019 guber bid.
While everybody attacked Mr. Ogbonna who was the immediate past Special Aide (S.A) to the Imo State Governor on ICT, I came in his
support to the extent that people thought I joined him to Senator Ararume’s camp or I got emoluments from the camp.
I never joined issues with Mr. Ogbonna for any reason because of the respect and love I “had” for his person and how he was able to keep a
relationship with his old school mates (Uche Nwosu, Dcn. Chike Okafor etc).
But lately, after jumping political ship, he has continuously thrown tantrums at the Guber Aspirations of Chief Dr. Uche Nwosu and has
called him all sorts of names likes
          Ik Ogbonna in a selfie with Imo Guber Candidate Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume.
- Stooge
- Infant guber aspirant
- Gluttonous fellow
- Land grabber (Just to mention a few)
Mr. Ik Ogbonna who hails from Abia State has not only thrown away a good old time relationship but he has insulted and tossed it into a trash can for a few thousand naira notes.
Heading down to Ik Ogbonna’s interview with Community Watchdog Newspaper, a local tabloid that lacks credibility, Mr Ogbonna as usual spewed all manner of trash against the person of Uche Nwosu and his immediate past principal Governor Rochas Okorocha.
Mr. Ogbonna shouldn’t be in a hurry to forget that this man he is throwing all manner of tantrums on is the same man who brought him
forth and gave him a job, the same man gave him three vehicles.
A Toyota Hilux (Which Came as a personal gift from Uche Nwosu)
A Toyota Avensis (Which came to aide his job as S.A)
A Tata Xenon (Which also came to aide his job as S.A)
Mr. Ogbonna during his time as S.A was one of the richest political appointees because he got extra “Unmerited” favors from Uche Nwosu
like contracts, financial emoluments which had nothing to do with his job, setting up of two business outfits (Perfect Finish Unisex Saloon
and Door 2 Door Laundry Services) and so on.
And it’s quite laughable hearing Ik Ogbonna who lacks outright electoral value say he dumped Uche Nwosu.
I feel pained because Uche Nwosu valued his friendship with Ik and he turned around to stab him heartlessly.
I therefore call on Senator Ararume to be extremely careful with Mr. Ik as he could bite like a snake if the cash inflow stops coming.
We expect a reply from Ik's Camp soon.

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