Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Association Of Mbaise Students In IMSU Extend Hands Of Fellowship To New Members

The Association of Mbaise students, a union that presses for better welfare package for members is extending their hand of fellowship to renowned students from the local government who are yet to identify with the body.

The association better known as "Federation Of Mbaise Students, Imsu chapter" is bent on serving as a torch-bearer to its members in this world of conflicting values. Usually, they have meetings every Wednesday at "CD block, Imsu" by 3PM.

There are so many benefit you stand gaining as a member of the constitutionally recognised association. Keep a date this week, you will definitely see reasons to come again.

For further assistance contact the association's director of socials as there is an ongoing empowerment scheme at the association. Call Mc Fresh Kid 08106657152.

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