Sunday, 11 February 2018

How Imsu Female Student Was Shot By Suspected Cultist


A female student of Imo state University reportedly shot by suspected cultists on the left leg close to the students market area during the concluding hours of Thursday, February 9 is gradually returning back to good health.

The 200l student of Edu chemistry, Faculty of Education Miss. Sandra Chinenye suffered bleeding from the leg precedently hurried to the federal medical center at orlu road where she received medical attention. She survived the shot on the leg.

The victim who resides in one of the hostels located at the school front gate was said to be outside with her male friend exchanging movies when a group of boys confronted them, demanding their phones, which she gave to them and upon receiving the phones accidentally shot at her and threw the weapon away.

This is the first gun related tragedy attested in the New Year 2018; security should be intensified across students’ area to avert future re-occurrence, the wireless informant utters.

According to Chinenye who spoke to Imsu Elijah

“I was outside my hostel, sending videos from my friends phone because male students are not allowed to enter my hostel, three guys confronted us and asked us to show love to them, so out of fear, I gave them the two phones and while they were leaving, one of them accidentally shot my left leg, he threw the gun into the gutter and ran away but thanks to God that am still alive” she concluded.

By this end, this is to debunk rumors circulating round in some sections of the media that the female student died after she was attacked by suspected cultist. The student in question Miss Sandra is hale, hearty and gradually returning back to good health as confirmed by the wireless informant of Imo stars, Imsu Elijah.


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