Friday, 9 February 2018

Amendment To My Initial Post On Alleged Fire Outbreak – It Was The Electric Transformer Close To ‘Psychology/Cd Block’ That Was Gutted (Photos).

Imsu Elijah

This is to amend for an unsettled publication I made earlier this week on alleged outbreak at the psychology block; it was the electric transformer close to psychology/CD block that was gutted in the evening of Tuesday February 6th, not the psychology building itself.

According to an eye witness, the electric transformer was damaged as a result of burst of electrical discharge at the place; the outburst was extinguished by men of fire department of the ministry of public safety.

One of the students who witnessed the inferno said  

“I was reading in the night at CD block, we suddenly saw large fire, we thought it was a joke until we all came out to discover that it was the transformer, one of the security men alerted the fire fighters who came immediately to put off the fire”.

Another Student said 

“I was there when the fire fighters came, the outbreak started at about 8:20PM, I was reading in the school when we heard siren, we came down to discover that the transformer that supplies power was on fire but thank God no life was lost and the fire was also quenched” he concluded.

We have visited the place of the incident, the outbreak didn’t affect any building structure, this means that the Psychology/CD building is still in 100% good shape.



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