Thursday, 11 January 2018

Rt. Hon. Ike C. Ibe, Right Option To Moving And Liberating Ala-Imo Come 2019.

Rt Hon Ike C. Ibe is the man after the heart of ndi Imo state, he is the man we have been waiting to bring the state out of backwardness and retrogression.

According to Comrd. Ukawuilu Chinedu, an articulated and ever dynamic Imo youth, there is a great strength and large capacity in the progressive minded youths who have what its needed to install the required development that we need to enjoy in this state as sons and daughters of a land whom God himself had blessed.

If the present leadership of Nigeria and Imo state was originated from the table of youths, then, the youths would not be complaining of abject abandonment and total neglect by politicians and leaders that we escorted to office.

We are the people to make that change and opportunity present itself again in 2019, let us not be drag into money politics because that is what kept us in this "dumping ground". Have we ask ourselves, Ever since we have been collecting and receiving monies from this politicians, how far have we gone in terms of being carried along in the scheme of things after elections?

Let make an informed decision by choosing wisely, the next political dispensation starting from 2019-2023 present to us the youths an opportunity to stamp our feet on ground to make all our dreams come true. 

We can only have it right when we elect the likes of Rt Hon Ike C Ibe nation, the man with spontaneous ability to think youth development, talk with youths and deliver the youths total. 

Let the needed support to become the governor of Imo state come 2019 and hear has promised to deliver qualitative Governance in jus four years starting from 2019-2023.
Imo must be liberated.

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