Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Happy Birthday To Mr. Rexy

Mr Rexy as popularly known with, is an undergraduate at imo state university, faculty of education, who doubles as departmental course representative and stakeholder of the faculty.

He is one of the intelligent, kind and most handsome faces in imo state university owerri. He is celebrating his birthday today 9th January.

From all of us at Elitism6.com, Imsu star Fm, Okala Chigozie, Donald Ekenta, Imsu Elijah and others, we wish you a happy birthday celebration.

Still on celebration the versatile comrade has taken to his social media handle to pen down amazing wishes and counsel to the word, here is what he wrote

"IT'S 9th January ........IT'S MY BIRTH ANNIVERSARY....


I have anticipated this gracious day for so long,first and foremost I want to thank God almighty  for the priceless gift of life....(sobs) it is actually a mixed feeling for me...i am overwhelmed today not just because I added another year but because God has been so faithful irrespective of my shortcomings(sobs)looking back at the Memory Lane, u will see I don't deserve to be where I am today. I know I have not been the best of son, friend, bro, cousin, leader,colleague, etc God wanted me to be, yet I was "saved by Grace "

As I am entangled in sober reflection, I have come to understand that this world is just a temporary place, nothing is worth going astray for. As we are celebrating our birth anniversary, some people are remembering their dead loved ones,,some people are being born today while some are giving up to ghost  which elucidates that we all can't be happy at the same time and to that effect we should make judicious use of our time to please our creator.

U are considered a noble man is not when u lavish money on irrelevant things..... Look at the life of the less privileged,check out those kids at the motherless home. (sobs) see those shabby looking kids in the street who are not fortunate to see the 4 falls of education.. Is that the kind of life they wanted??? They equally deserve to be happy.

Today the 9th day of Jan 2018 marks a vital landmark as far as am concerned. The lord has given a mandate upon my life despite my sinful nature.. I have seen things of this wold for the past decades now and I strongly believe that the less fortunate, poor /needy, uneducated, mentally unbalanced etc Needs to be celebrated.... I dedicate my birthday to all those kids who are not privileged enough to be educated, to all those who are in the motherless homes.. You all got potentials, I see queens and kings in their midst.
  On this special day of ours, I charge you all to have a rethink about the perception of this world... Life is just a mystery that can't be totally unraveled.. Live a life of purpose.
Show love to the needy and make effective use if ur jurisdiction as no one knows tomorrow.. Ask your self ....after now, what else??
Make an impact in diz world. U don't need to have billions before u help.
We all are called to serve humanity, Endeavor to put a smile on at least a person's face per day.. And see how beautiful this life is.

On behalf of me and the less fortunate, i Thank everyone that have contributed in one way or the other to my growth and development so far.special thanks to my family and friends, my course mates and my lecturers who have helped me to be at this level... I celebrate the Man I have grown into and I still hope to be a better man in the near future..i pray for God's continuous blessings and love. Good health and success in all my endeavors  most importantly in my academic pursuit..........
Happy Birthday to me and every other kids celebrating today.(known and unknown)

Am +1 today

#Plz endeavor to put a smile on someone's face everyday
#pray for the less privileged
#Let's do more

IAM REXY..........

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