Saturday, 6 January 2018

6 Undisputed Facts That Prove "Homosexuality" Is Demonic Possession

1. All religions on Earth have had priests and priestesses perform exocisms on humans affected with homosexuality, sodomy, etc, to remove demons from them. This is well documented and widely ignored by mainstream media. Majority of recovering homosexuals admit that there was a spirit working in them that was fighting them while they tried to quit permanently homosexuality.

2. The practice of sodomy is far worst than masturbation, which only involves individual lusting and lost of energy, maybe embarrassment if done in public. But the practice of sodomy takes years off the life, spreads disease, invites demons who are attracted to such dirty activities like all filth draws parasites, bacteria both physical and spiritual. Coprophilia widely practiced by male homosexuals, is the love of feces, usually to the point of consumption.
If the term is revolting, it's intentional. The practice is revolting.

3. Homosexuals connect self identity to being homosexual. That's the same as a rapist or murder, identifying their abomination with who they are as a person. This is proof in itself that an alien force has invaded the human being and is demanding acknowledgement of its existence while still remaining hidden, and burying the true identity of the person inside the degraded condition of homosexuality.

4. Nearly all evil cults have sodomy and pedophilia as their initiation and continuous practice to belong. Nearly all evil cults are sodomites and pedophiles groups. These sodomite pedophile cult groups are behind worldwide child trafficking, drug trafficking, organ trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophile rings, human and child sacrifices and cannibalistic restaurants.

5. All societies that practiced pederasty, homosexual culture, were warring societies that constantly enslaved other peaceful societies because they were too busy wasting their lives to build a peaceful and prosperous society of their own so they invaded others. Homosexual demons seem to drive humans to spread to other lands and peoples until they gain cultural supremacy. All technologies developed by peaceful societies, such as gunpowder, homosexual warring societies of the Western Empire made into weapons of mass destruction. Rape is used as a weapon to spread dissexuality and demons.

6. Homosexuality disconnects humans from other humans. Many become closer to animals and engage in sex with animals. Homosexuals even become cannibals like Jeffery Dahma. But Dahma wasn't the first and isn't the last homosexual driven to cannibalism and evil occultism of human and child sacrifice to gain the souls of others because they have lost their own.

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