Friday, 8 December 2017

Stacy Owunezi Girl accused of stabbing roommate in Imsu finally speaks out .

Stacy Owunezi the girl accused of stabbing her room mate in Imsu has finally spoken out and below is her own part of the story.
This is the said Ezinne that claimed I stabbed her to death, this criminal, she schooled in unizik, left there and came to imsu. She's not a small girl but a criminal.... When she came to stay with me she had only one bag of cloth.... No bed no reading table no nothing, I welcomed her as a sister, and told her to feel free to use all of my things as I now take her to be my sister, I feed her, dash her some of my clothes, loved her like family, I innocently told her everything about me, even from my year one to this final year, she always ask me questions about myself, and ask me to give her my phone that she wants to look at my pictures, but I can never touch her own phone, everywhere has password, messages, pictures and what hav u. a month later, her character started changing, she no longer talk to me, greet me, to d extent of even traveling for two or more weeks without telling me she's traveling like a good roommate should. Well to cut d long story short, I didn't stab her she used scissors on me and wanted to destroy my face... But I cannot let this witch go Scot free (as Lagos girl wey I be😀) I defended myself... 
That is her brother Kingsley John who wrote that rubbish about me.... She's a Thief, wicked girl, and her heart is full of jealousy and hatred for her fellow girl.

We at elitism6 will keep updating on the out come.
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