Thursday, 7 December 2017

Singer and Elitism6 reporter Vigil Smart pens down emotional open letter to death after the loss of his Dad.

Letter To Mr *Death* by Vigilsmart for my dad Dr C.O. Uche aka *Sacramento*

Death, that a *Name!*
What do you want, it *Fame!*
I want to know, ..what is your *Aim!*
Why are you here, ....are you *Lame!*
Why must you do this, ..don't you have *Shame!*
Truth be told, tired of your *Game!*


Death you have no Common Sense!
Now am called Fatherless!
So many are now Sisterless!
Some you've made Brotherless!
Some you've made ..Motherless!
Many are both Father 'n' Motherless!
Many are dying in the crib of Loneliness!
All because of your f**king Presence!
Is mankind's mourning your true Essence!
I hold nothing for you if not Abhorrence!
Wish I can break you like a Contact
Why must u give me a seat with Condolence!
Why must u take a life where is your License!
I think you're just Jobless!
And its because of your sorry ass Laziness!
We are better of in your Absence!
Your stay here is Meaningless!

We at mourn together with our reporter Vigil smart on the irreparable loss of his dad.

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