Sunday, 10 December 2017

IKE C. IBE: The New Leader With New Direction For A Brighter Future In Imo State

A good man is one that out of his moral code and set of values prioritizes wants of friends and family before his own need.

Ike C. Ibe is a seasoned leader who started his political career at a young age. He was elected into Imo state house of assembly at 26 years, became speaker of the house at 27, doubling the youngest speaker in the history of Nigeria. 

The former speaker and APGA chieftain, Rt. Honorable Ike C. Ibe has proven himself the right man to liberate Imo state from retrogression, as well hardship currently facing Imo people.

The honorable speaker made his good intentions known before a large house of articulated and vibrant Imo youths who called on him recently in his owerri residence.

The humanist and technocrat while speaking to cross section of Imo Youths said that he has no interest in sparkling things of life and pranks of office that doesn’t contribute to the progress and development of the society,  but his interest is, let what God has Prepared him be used to liberate the state from shackles of backwardness and suffering. 

Anyone who doesn’t know the history of Ike C. Ibe should read the achieves, he has gone through crucible, at a point he lost his family to plane crash. Despite the difficult and trying experience, he is still interested and boarded in moving the society forward. 

The present administration in Imo state has signed an irrevocable Standing Payment Order, which means that more than 50% of allocation coming to the state from 2019 will be used to service bad debt, the philanthropist Ike C. Ibe went further to explain that it will take a versatile and experienced man to meet the enormous demand of imo people ahead of 2019.

He said “The next government after the present has to be an architect, engineer, philanthropist, financial wizard because the expectation of the people will be so large and if we don’t choose the right person, the person will end up being hated the more because the people’s expectations will be shattered”. 

Imo state at this critical time of hardship, poverty and subjugation needs a man with vision and experience to salvage the whole system.

Ike C. Ibe is a leader with results; he is the right Man with the right experience and vision to liberate the state. He is the new leader with new direction for brighter future in the state. 

Ike C. Ibe is a strong Leader because strong leadership means a secured future.  

Ike C. Ibe is the progress we know.

Statement of Responsibility: Elijah Madubuihe (Imsu Elijah) 08102097616, Duru C. Kingsley (07065192694).


  1. Even though I acknowledge that Hon Ike C IBE is a good man & can make a good governor if elected,it doesn’t do his image any good to falsely claim he was a speaker of IMHA .He wasn’t & never sat as one as I personally witnessed the incident he claims produced him as speaker.He & his group tried to remove RT HON MAXWELL DURU who was speaker through out the botched IBB transition civilian regime in Imo state with Late Chif Evan Enwerem as Governor . Where re the votes & proceedings that produced him as speaker & where he ever sat as speaker or where a bill was passed? Where is his picture in the FORMER SPEAKERS GALLERY @ IMHA till date.These re the names of some of his colleagues in that house that can verify my claims here:Hon jones Uzoka(Fmr majority leader & now commissioner in Imo state,Hon Nkem Nwankwo (Fmr majority whip),Hon Soronnadi Njoku(Fmr Minority whip).I advise that he drops this false claim if he really wants some of us he needs our support to be governor to take him serious! Thank you.

  2. Maxwell Duru was impeached in April 1993.. He was elected immediately after some months a Bacharach sacked democracy in November 1993.. Be factual

  3. Maxwell Duru was impeached in April 1993.. He was elected immediately after some months laterAbacha sacked democracy in November 1993.. Be factual


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