Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Checkout This Amazing Sketch of an under graduate in Imsu

All thumbs for Okeke Favour known also as "Team Stan" who has shown dexterity in the act of drawing and painting.

Stan a student of arts and applied science took to his Facebook handle to show case his work where he was able to sketch the image of his colleague within few hours.

While sketching shared series of portraying pics, he wrote:

"I think am almost done, Should in case you need something like this just indicate, #teamSTAN is here to serve IMO stars and humanity".

All is well that ends well, the sketch is astonishing to behold.

Better is not good enough because the best is yet to come, from the stables of Elitism6.com (Imsu Elijah), we say more power to the elbow of all hard working students.

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