Thursday, 16 November 2017

Why i cannot marry a virgin, star actor Wilson Joshua reveals as he marks his birthday

Nollywood actor, Wilson Joshua, added a year recently and in a recent interview, the actor reportedly gave reasons on why he would never marry a virgin.

Happy birthday
WILSON: Thank you, (smiles)
How do you feel on your birthday?
Very happy, right from yesterday the love and attention has been overwhelming am so happy and grateful to God for the breath of live and grace to see another complete year.
How do you plan the coming years?
To work harder, pray more, stay loyal to my pals and enjoy my live.
Having just graduated as an Optometrist, whats your plan about marriage when? And what are the qualities of the girl you will like to marry.
Hmmmm(smiles) marriage is not on my mind for now, not even in the next 5 years, will do so when the time is right.
The qualities I would look out for are
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and beard
1)the lady must be very homely (very good cook no wash wash o! ) (laughs 😁 )
2) must be smart and intelligent.
3)must be God fearing.
4)beauty counts as well. Most men see virginity as a criteria for marrying or dating a lady as for me it’s not, in fact I can’t marry a virgin, who will marry the ones we dated and had sex with if everyone wants a virgin.
 You can’t marry a virgin?
Yes I won’t, and I don’t expect any guy to make virginity a priority or criteria for getting a good date or wife.
Have you dated a virgin?
That’s my private live sorry can’t talk about it.
Why do you think you can’t date or marry a virgin?
Majority of them want to explore when they eventually start having sex, and end up not being faithful, most of them lack manners and are rude feeling their excesses should be tolerated thinking they have diamond down there , moreover if we make dating/marrying a virgin our priority who will marry or date our first and second love whom we had good times with, not being a virgin doesn’t mean a lady can’t make and keep a good home.

 Any message for your fans?
(smiles) Thank you all for the love and support, for the encouragement for following us back to back on Linjust comedy. Pals keep doing that good thing you do, yeah your efforts will pay soon. *ONE LOVE

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