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The Crimes and Betrayals of Ogbidi Osemudiamen (SUG President) & Joachim Efe (SUG Speaker) against UNIBEN Students. While the Prof. Orumwense led-management heartlessly hiked UNIBEN fees so that the children of the poor would not have access to university education, please read the following to see the evil, greed and betraying role that the Student’s Union played in support of the management against UNIBEN students who voted them into office:
1. On the 16th of August, 2017, the management summoned the EXCO and Parliament Principal Officers to a meeting at the University of Benin guest house.
2. The meeting which lasted for about four hours was centered on the resolutions of the 150th Regular Meeting of the UNIBEN Council.
3. The resolution of the 150th Regular Meeting was that UNIBEN School and Hostel fees should be astronomically hiked, especially that of the innocent fresh students.
4. To ensure that the student’s union leadership does not protest against the proposal of fee hike, the management offered to increase the union due to 700 naira, since nothing goes for nothing; I watch your back, you watch my back.
5. Meanwhile, on the 21st of October 2017, the union wrote a letter to the management requesting for an urgent meeting.
6. The meeting was granted and the union members articulated the following demands:
i. That the union dues be added to school fees. (Before now, the SUG due is paid by only students within the halls of residence. The demand of (i) means that over seventy-five thousand UNIBEN students would now have to pay for the dues. That however translates into more money for the union boys.)
ii. That the SUG dues should be increased to #1000 so that they can effectively serve and promote the welfare of UNIBEN students.
7. Since the demands (i & ii) have terrible effects on UNIBEN students and not on the management, they (management) therefore agreed to the demands, after they have been assured by the union boys that there would be no protest against the fee hike.
8. On the 11th of Nov., 2017, the union boys held another meeting with the school management, where Osemu (the union president) and Joachim Efe (the Parliament Speaker), jointly demanded that the management unconditionally hand over the account of the student’s union to them so that they can independently control the over seventy-five million naira (#75,000,000) that will be generated from the student’s dues, without any interference from the university management.
9. Angered by the guts of Osemu and Efe, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Ekenwa), aggressively interrupted them (Osemu and Efe) with a fierce exclamation: “How dare you brats challenge the authority of the school management! We are the controllers of the student’s account and so shall it remain!”
10. The meeting ended up in a deadlock, as the management delegates angrily walked out on their boys.
11. That same day (11th Nov., 2017) the union boys reconvened at June 12 (Union Secretariat), where they resolved that they will massively resist the hike in fees, if their “ogas @ d top” don’t hand over the union’s account to them.
12. It was after the meeting that the union announced that no students should pay the hiked school fees or hostel fee, until the hike has been unconditionally reversed and that the university portal be shut down indefinitely.
13. However, their “ogas @ d top”, wanting to test their power, dared them by opening the portal.
14. On the 15th of Nov., 2017, Osemudiamen & Joachim Efe led their cronies and sycophants to disrupt the activities of the CRP, when they heard that the portal was opened and that some students were about to begin payment.
15. This protest got the school management shivering that they had to immediately call their boys to a round table discussion where they finally approved their request to have an independent bank account.
16. The union had finally opened a bank account with Access Bank. The previous bank account controlled by the management was opened with Fidelity Bank.
17. So, when they fixed 4PM for a General Assembly of UNIBEN students, but announced it at about 3:33pm, no reasonable time for students to prepare, and also selected those whom would be allowed to speak, it was obvious that the union boys were only acting the scripts of their “Ogas @ d top.”
18. Meanwhile, at the so-called General Assembly, Joachim Efe (SUG Speaker), threatened that any students who embark on a protest against the management’s cruel hike in school and hostel fees might be terribly dealt with and immediately rusticated. One begins to wonder what power the inconsiderate infidel has to utter such statement before a crowd of UNIBEN students.
19. Meanwhile, that wasn’t the end from that terrible crook. The evening after that kangaroo General Assembly, Joachim Efe (SUG Speaker), paid his boys to cook rice and distributed it to some very senseless students at the Aminu Kano hall (hall 3).
20. Where did the poor brat get the money to organize such large portion of food? Why is he giving students food at this point in time? These and many more were the questions some of the irrational students refused to ask. He obviously used that cunning medium to buy the consciences of those unreasonable university students who miserably reduced themselves to unfortunate beggars. Joachim Efe tactic is that of the Nigerian politicians who loot the people’s treasury, only to distribute tin-tomatoes, magi and cups of rice to the low-thinking masses just to win them to their sides.
Greatest UNIBEN students!
With the above, it is crystal clear that the so-called union members are not interested in waging a massive resistance against the management’s exploitation of thousands of UNIBEN students; rather they are interested in making evil fortune out of the misfortune of the innocent students.
The students must bear in mind that the kangaroo congress called on 17th, Nov., 2017, is never and can ever be in the interest of the students. But it is a deceptive prank with the purpose of projecting themselves in good light. But they have failed because Great UNIBEN Students know better! UNIBEN STUDENTS MUST BE PREPARED LIKE NEVER BEFORE TO WAGE A MASSIVE PROTEST AGAINST THE PROF. ORUMWENSE LED MANAGEMENT, UNTIL HE LISTENS TO THE CRY OF POOR PARENTS AND REVERSE THE SENSELESS HIKE IN UNIBEN FEES!!!

Comr Osapolor Samson

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