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Luxury vacations, Rolex watches, fast cars and more : A look into the luxury lifestyle of Mugabe's Children (PHOTOS)

Robert Mugabe with his son Robert Junior and his son.
After 37 years in power, 93-year old Robert Mugabe has been forced to resign from office. Under him, the country has suffered quadruple-digit inflation but that did not affect his children, who despite the poverty rate in Zimbabwe, lived like reality stars while their father was in power.
Splurging on high-end fashion gear, champagne and expensive jewellery; the Mugabe boys balled hard like rappers that they tried so hard to emulate.
Robert Junior (25) and his brother Chatunga (25) both have taste for the high life, no doubt cultivated by their father’s stronghold on the country. Robert is the older son of their father and mother Grace, who was a typist in the dictator’s office when they started dating. Mugabe was previously married to Sally Hayfron who died of kidney failure in 1992.

Grace Mugabe was said to be preparing to take over from her husband before the military struck.
Robert Junior and Chatunga could be mistaken for reality stars by virtue of their constant show off of their luxury goods, and like reality stars, they do not care about the criticism by the disgruntled populace- at least not until they were out of power.
Robert is a basketball aficionado who dropped out of university in South Africa before trying again at a Dubai university. He arrived on campus in grand style, driving a Batmobile. He also has an entertainment promotion outfit that has brought the likes of Tekno to perform in the country.
The younger Chatunga is more of a hothead and was expelled from his private secondary school on account of ‘gross indiscipline’. He’s said to be more outgoing than his elder brother and always carries a lot of cash on him.

The Mugabe sons arrived in Johannesburg early in 2017 from Dubai where they had been living in a $36,000 a month mansion. Their hurried exit was said to have resulted from a case of drug abuse they were being investigated for.

The brothers spent their time at expensive nightclubs, often taunting their countrymen with pricey items that ordinary Zimbabweans cannot afford. Robert for example once showed off his $60,000 wristwatch on Snapchat.

However, since the turn of events in Zimbabwe, the location of the boys and their mother has been enshrouded in mystery, even though they appear on social media to express support for their embattled father.
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