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GRACE AND FORTITUDE: Let us draw inspiration from the story of Obiyo Daniels, MOUA Firstclass Graduate and second World Best Public Speaker Malaysia 2015

   Obiyo Daniels (First Class Graduade and World best public speaker Malaysia 2015 world University Debate)

Read through and dreaw your thursday inspiration

Dad: ....Daniel, have you considered studying Mechanical or Computer engineering? What of Electrical Electronics?
Me: No Dad,  I know I can do well in those fields but I just have this feeling that it should be Computer Science.
Dad: Well, if you say so... No problem. Fill it in the Jamb Form.
So...  Which schools are you looking at?
Me: Dad, UNN first choice, FUTO second.
Dad: OK... You're sure you've prayed about this right?
Me: Yes Dad.
Dad: Oya go ahead...
That was the conversation that took place between my dad and I just before I filled my JAMB form sometime in 2012.

                                                         Daniel and Family
Fast-forward to the Jamb result!
When I checked the result,
Guess what!!
My hopes were dashed.  I felt frustrated. I cried and asked God " What is 1mrk that you couldn't help me get it for UNN cut off? "
Dad came again and reminded me that "All things work together for good to them that love God.... "
I purchased change of school form and changed to MOUAU.  First of all I wondered why I would be going to a school of Agriculture to study Computer Science, until I was told it's now a conventional university and a good place to get Computer Science knowledge after UNN.
Ironically, The next year,  UNN's cutoff mark was 190. #Kaiiiii. I remember my elder sister said something that encouraged me...  She said "...God probably wants you to school somewhere you will not struggle to be recognized ". This sank deep and I kept it in my mind till I saw it's manifestations. Mum was always there to pray and remind me of her dreams of my being great in life.
With a Post UME score of 80/100, I knew God's hands was in this. My name came out on the merit list admission as number 5 . Just as I asked God for a merit list admission.
The journey then began....
First Semester year 1 had it's tough times.  Sitting in the bare ground sometimes to learn,  taking notes with my phone then because class was too stuffy to even gets space to place your notebook. Running for practicals and food related matters...  Choiiiiiiii... But when the result came out,  it set me on the course for a good finishing......
200lv was a bit fun until 2nd semester dealt me a blow that nearly marred my goal.... Meeting few lecturers who weren't ready to impact or even teach u 3Credit unit courses and releasing about 700Paged handout of Real Analysis maths a night to the examination.  Pheeewwwew.....
I feared that would be the F that would soil my record, but God answered my prayers and made it an E. Chaiiiiiiiii....... (Ekelediri chukwu).... My CGPA plummeted to 4.0 . I was perturbed and disoriented. I nearly gave up all my resolve to read for First Class,  but Sammy... And my Course Adviser encouraged me. Dad and mum prayed for me... And I kept faith alive...
300lv had it's torns, but because people laughed publicly at my result in 200lv I decided to take them by storm, and that semester, I led the class #smiles
400level I formed my reading group called ''Quintessential Cartel'' we read and study until those in 2.2 entered 2.1, some in 2.1 got into a comfortable grade and others into 1.1. The group produced 3/5 First Class graduates in my class of over 320 students.
Friends,  in the midst of all these....
1) I started and strengthened the MOUAU Debate Club,  represented the school in different countries and Won 2nd Best Public Speaker in World Universities Debating Championship Malaysia 2015.
2.) I was a worker in the DLCF from 100level, and infact a Coordinator from 200lv till I graduated being the Coordinator of my graduating class in the fellowship. I never missed a fellowship day apart from when I travelled out of the state. I had time for evangelism
3.) I was involved in Youth Advocacy and Development projects till date. I Chaired the IYCN Abia,  organized personal conferences and reached out to many students in school.
4.) I was appointed a member of the Schools Electoral Committee without lobbying. Was an adviser to SUG executives.
5.) I made out time to go to the Lawn and pray at night before going to class to read.
I wasn't a night class person except on necessary occasions, I most times read in my room,  sometimes standing for hours while reading to pursue sleep. It's not of him that hypeth/readeth but of God that giveth understanding.
God helped me plan and manage my time,  I had same 24hours like many others too.
Infact, God was at the center of it all. He saw me thru and Today I made it in the midst of these engagements coming out with a FIRST CLASS in Computer Science.
It pays to serve Jesus. It could have only been God.
Though I didn't graduate as Best Graduating Student which was my aim,  Atleast knowing I served God fervently while in school and being among the 70 First-class graduate from a convocation set of over 4985 students is amazing and makes me seek to thank God more and appreciate him better.
God Did It.
I made it.
You too can.
Seek God and all other things you need to be quintessential will be added unto you.
To be the best you have to beat the best,  to beat the best,  you have to do your best and leave the rest for God.

                                                                  victory at last
P. S: If you're blessed or inspired by this, Comment and Share until every young mind in your contact gets it, reads it and is inspired.

Obiyo Daniels runs an insprational and motivational blog read it Called MAKING A DIFFERENCE  CLICK TO READ

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