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Elitism6: Top 15 Owerri Artiste with Social Media Recognition and Deserves a Better and Bigger Record Label Deal.

We decided to look at the Top Owerri, Imo State Recognized Musicians/Rappers in Nigeria that are followed on Social Media and Surely deserve to be signed to a Bigger and Better Record Label.We considered three main social media platforms for this purpose – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We then summed up the followers on the three platforms to come up with the list.
So here are the top 15 Owerri, Imo State Musicians/Rappers on our List:

1. Jprinx

At number one is Jprinx (real name Make Your Research your Self on Google).
He has 19.6k thousands fans.
*.Facebook: 3985 thousands likes
*.Twitter: 1289 thousand followers
*.Instagram: 14387 thousand followers

2. Mr. Cruz

At number two is Mr. Cruz (real name Make your research yourself on google).

He has 9577 thousands fans
*.Facebook: 1086 thousands likes
*.Twitter: --- followers
*.Instagram: 8491 thousand followers

3. G-TECK (Zicky G-teck)

Zicky G-teck is one of the Owerri musical duo of Real Kings Entertainment with the stage name G-Teck. Zicky tried also getting his hands on music covers and artworks design, and since then is arguably the biggest designer in Imo.

He has 4545 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 135 likes
*.Twitter: 1776 thousand followers
*.Instagram: 2634 thousand followers

4. El Vicker

El Vicker is the Igbo version of indigenous rap, everyone wants to collaborate with him for good reasons as he is hot in the market.

He has 4346 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 1796 thousand likes
*.Twitter: 1069 thousand followers
*.Instagram: 1488 thousand followers

5. Lambasixx

He has 3715 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 709 likes
*.Twitter: 1718 thousand followers
*.Instagram: 1288 thousand followers

6. Kristal

At The Number 4, we have Kristal, Kristal’s sound are majorly beastly, lyrically and radically influenced and then they’re married with his comfortable fast rap range, Call him the Eminem of Owerri and you wouldn’t be doubted. He is currently the number one star in FUTO and is reportedly the fastest rapper in the South East.

He has 3649 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 477 likes
*.Twitter: 555 followers
*.Instagram: 2617 thousand followers

7. Young Klinch

King Frank Record Label Artiste, Yung Klinch has been a leading rapper of Imo state for a long time now.

He has 2695 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 249 likes
*.Twitter: 469 followers
*.Instagram: 1977 thousand followers

8. BOB G

FUTO'S Current Man..

He has 2179 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 119 likes
*.Twitter: 399 followers
*.Instagram: 1661 thousand followers

9. Dtwinz

Owerri Musical Duo Signed to Royal Prince Record Label Artiste, Dtwinz

He has 2040 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 223 likes
*.Twitter: 425 followers
*.Instagram: 1392 thousand followers

10. Sauw Blaze

The Afropop singer is another fine music breed worthy of export into the international music market.He used to be a member of the music group“Men Of Flames” until he decided to go on doing music as a solo artiste.

He has 1859 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 489 likes
*.Twitter: 304 followers
*.Instagram: 1066 thousand followers

11. Blex B

Signed to King Frank Records,Blex Bis not a new name in the entertainment industry.

He has 1650 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 442 likes
*.Twitter: - - - - followers
*.Instagram: 1208 thousand followers

12. G-TECK (Sparkinz G-teck)

Sparkinz G-teck is one of the Owerri musical duo of Real Kings Entertainment with the stage name G-teck.

He has 1440 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 257 likes
*.Twitter: 408 followers
*.Instagram: 775 followers

13. UC Flamez

The only rapper in the east who made it to the top ten on Olamide’s‘Who You Epp’competition.

He has 1236 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 222 likes
*.Twitter: 643 followers
*.Instagram: 371 followers

14. Leo Saint

I call him d Adekunle Gold Brother because they have a kinda striking look..
The multiple award-winning Pop singer is another fine music breed worthy of export into the international music market.The Radio friendly artiste has certainly won our hearts time and time over.

He has 1094 thousand fans

*.Facebook: 303 likes
*.Twitter: - - - - followers
*.Instagram: 791 followers

15. Trez Lupe

Trez, a producer and singer arranges his sound in a way that marvels, from the melodious traditional tunes to the beautiful tempo and lest not forget, the pattern he uses to fuse his voice to the intriguing tune.

He has 949 fans

*.Facebook: 487 likes
*.Twitter: 18 followers
*.Instagram: 444 followers

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