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How To Graduate With First Class In Any Tertiary Institution

It is the dream of many students to graduate with first class honour, but only few achieve it. Is it about the pride in saying, “I graduated with first class” or the great demand for first class graduates in the labour market? Is it about making your parent proud or because of other reasons?Whatever your reason, you are about to know the secrets to become a first class student…First of all, ask yourself if you really want to graduate with first class. If your answer is yes, you are one stepahead. Secondly, ask yourself, ‘can I graduate with first class’? If your answer is yes, you are two steps ahead. That is the spirit you need.The final and most important question is “how do I graduate with first class?”, which is the question that gave birth to this article. So, let’s answer the question:

1. DEVELOP A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD If you make God number one in your agenda, he will make you number one. While you are on campus, you will faced with different crises(physically and sometimes spiritually). The only solution is to pray to God Almighty.

2. SET A SMART GOAL You have to set a goal before you can achieve it. Your target goal must be Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely(SMART). At the beginning of each academic session, choose the scores and grades you wish to have in all your courses and write it down. You can’t possible make a first class when your target goal is to graduate with a second class. So, get your goals right and make it smart.

3. STAY FOCUSED Making the decision, “I want to graduate with first class” Is quite easy to say. Keeping the dream alive is the difficult one. When you face crises on campus, don’t despair and keep your head straight up. Remain focused and determined towards achieving your goal(To graduate with first class).It is very certain that a lot of things will want to distract and discourage you, but you have to remain focused and determined. That is the spirit you need to graduate with first class.

4. USE YOUR TIME THE RIGHT WAYIf you want to graduate with first class in school, you have to manage your time effectively. Know how to use your time the right way. Do not place anything above your academic works. Studies first, then others follow. Don’t waste your time on social activities.

5. ATTEND CLASSES, PRACTICALS AND TUTORIALSIf you are willing to graduate with first class, you must not take this point lightly. Strive to attend all lectures and practicals, join study tutorials and discuss academic works with mates. Don’t take any of your academic work with levity. When doing this, ensure you are punctual. There is no class that is not important, you will learn at least one new thing in every lecture.You will also have the opportunity to ask questions directly from lecturers and get first-class answer. Do you even know that lecturers ask questions that will come out of examination during lectures? Yes, they do. If you are wise, that is an expo for you.

6. BE AHEAD OF OTHERSWho is a first class graduate? A graduate among othergraduates that is ahead of others academically based on his/her report. So, if you want to become a first class graduate, you have to be ahead of others. Read ahead of others, read ahead of yourexamination, read ahead of your lecturers, read ahead of your mates. You want to be a first class graduate, so you must be ahead.

7. DISCOVER YOURSELFWhat works for Paul might not work for Peter. While some students cram for examination to become first class graduate, cramming for examination might not work you. Know yourself, be yourself. Discover your most effective study time, discover your most effective study method, know your strengths and weaknesses. Work on these discoveries and use themthe right way.

8. KNOW YOUR LECTURERS AND YOUR SCHOOLEach school has its own way of conduct, and also each lecturer has his/her own system. One man’s food is another man’s poison. While some lecturers like students that write additional information in examination and give them bonus marks, other lecturers don’t like it and remove marks. How do you know which lecturer like this and which lecturer hate that? Simple….. Through observation, asking questions in class, answering questions in class and by asking your seniors in school, you’ll know each lecturer and what their expectations are.

9. DEVELOP THE RIGHT ATTITUDEYou know what? You can’t graduate with first class when you don’t behave like one. You will hear your mates and seniors saying “Nobody has ever passed the course of this lecturer”, “Nobody can get an A in this course”, and so on.You have to develop the right attitude and say to yourself, “Yes, I can do it”. Don’t follow what the crowdsay, majority can be wrong sometimes. Neglect all negative thoughts and develop a positive attitude.

10. ASSOCIATE WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLEShow me your friends and I’ll tell you…………… what you’ll graduate with. Yes, the type of people you associate with will determine whether you will pass or fail. If you want to graduate with first, work with people of the same thought, mindset and are also hardworking. If you are brilliant, associate with brilliant students. If you are an average students, associate with above average students.Walk with students that will influence your life positively.

11. SEEK HELPNobody has been created perfectly well, you have to understand that. Always seek help with your academic works where needed. If you don’t understand a course or assignment, seek the help of your lecturer or seniors to explain to you. Even when you know it, seek help on it. You’ll definitely gain another knowledge.

12. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PAST QUESTIONSMost lecturers don’t have the time to prepare examination questions, they usually have a lot to do. As a result, they bring out majority of their questions from past questions. Go to your seniors, ask them for past questions and solve them. This is another expo you need to pass your examination and graduate with a first class.

13. TAKE DOWN CORRECT AND COMPREHENSIVE NOTESWhen you attend lectures, make sure you take down correct notes directly from your lecturers and jot downevery point. Don’t depend on the note you’ll copy from your mates, do you know whether he/she has written down the right note. That is why you need to right down notes by yourself, you are rest assured that you are reading the right note.

14. DEVELOP A PERSONAL INTEREST IN YOUR COURSEIf you don’t develop interest in your course, you won’t enjoy it while studying for examination. When you don’t enjoy your study time, your study becomes ineffective. No matter the nature of your course, you need to develop personal interest in it.

15. BE DISCIPLINED AND DILIGENTIt is impossible to follow all the points mentioned above if you are not disciplined and diligent. If you really want to be a first class student, you must build the act of discipline and diligence. Always control yourself and provide some set of rules you want to follow while you are on your way to graduate with firstclass.

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