Saturday, 2 September 2017

VIDEO: Maggots coming out of a woman’s head after she fixed a Brazilian weave

This really is disturbing and one’s discretion is from this moment, advised if you’re going to pass through this article with a sane mind and clear vision.

To be honest, I can’t get a hod of myself after watching this video.

According to the poster, the woman in the video you’re about to see, had maggots coming out of her head after she fixed “Brazillian weave” on her head.

The really disturbing video shows the woman writhing in pains as people try to cut the hair away from her head – more can be seen if you go past the first ten seconds of it, as the maggots have eaten into her scalp with some of them making way into her ears and nostrils.

It’s not understandable how she’s able to survive this though but this should serve as a warning to some of y’all ladies who are crazed with this Brazillian wig frenzy. Why don’t y’all go natural ?! Uurgh!

Watch the video below if you have a keen mind:

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