Saturday, 19 August 2017

Female Student calls out underage boy who begged her for sex chat

In this digital age of ours, anyone can send a private message to whosoever, not minding the age difference whatsoever.

A female Undergraduate with the Facebook name, Nek Key Billz  has exposed a male student, Prince Karo who she says is not up to her type/age, and then tagged him as a miserable idiot. 

Nek, who is the beggee, reiterated that Prince isn’t her type, and he should find his square root.. But then, this didn’t sit down well with some of her friends, who urged her to delete the post, and probably just warned him off privately, instead of exposing him like that.

She wrote as the caption of the screenshot below: 

  • “This is exactly what I don’t like, so even if I want to have sex chat, it will be with this god forsaken, underaged miserable idiot….I have really suffered on Facebook ooo”

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