Saturday, 19 August 2017

Auto Biography Of IMSU SUG Chief Of Staff As He Celebrates Birthday

Though a ladder takes one to any height, it must lean on something  else. The SUG chief of staff Imo state University Owerri Comrade Chijindu Ezemuonye S Ville today 19th August added another cubit to his height, the Nwangele born who graduated recently took to his social media handle to express gratitude to God Almighty for life and prosperity while multitude of friends, well wishers  flooded his timeline to wish him a belated celebration.

The controversial comrade in his auto - biography he captioned "PROFILE OF Rotr EZEMUONYE CHIJINDU SOLOMON" wrote

"The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with a step. the firmament grew diaphanous on 19th of August 199- into the family of Deacon GOD'SON AKOBUNDU EZEMUONYE and Mrs STELLA AKOBUNDU EZEMUONYE. who halls from Ozuoha Abajah in Umuduraro Autonomous Community in Nwangele Local Government Area in IMO state. He is the second born and first son in a family of six children. 3 Sisters and 2 Brothers He grew up with his parents at Egbu in owerri north LGA.

SUG PRESIDENT Franklin Capacity alongside the chief of staff Rotr chijindu
Some men are never awake when the train starts but crawl into the station just in time to see that everybody is gone, but Rotr Ezemuonye chijindu scrimped out earlier to the time of Education at Good fruits Nursery/ Primary school. Were he obtained his Nursery Certificate, and bagged his first school leaving certificate at Y.M.C.A Nursery/ Primary school egbu in owerri north LGA as one of the best behaved student in the school. After some specified and special examinations which he performed opulently, he was admitted into Government secondary school, owerri which was noted as the best and demotic secondary school in IMO state and entire South-Eastern region in Nigeria were he proximity took his SSCE exam and made all his papers. In that same year 2013 he was able to gain admission into IMO state University where he studded POLITICAL SCIENCE.

we need not to read history only but to create history substantially, Chijindu voluntarily decided in his secondary school days to join PEER EDUCATOR'S ANTI-AIDS HEALTH CLUB as a muscular member with his pet name (Smallville). during his JSS 3 and SS 3 he was given the post of the game's prefect as a functionary by the school Authority because of his brilliant and athletic process in the school, in the trawl for success he fought lustrously and won. As a result of his virtuous esteem he was elected as the club ss1 Secretary and in his ss2 he was elected as the Chief Provost PEER EDUCATOR'S ANTI- AIDS HEALTH CLUB IMO STATE ZONAL BODY. Apart from that he is also a member of interact club of Government secondary school owerri. member Boys BRIGADE Nigeria from secondary school till now ( WARRANT OFFICER).

Rotr Ezemuonye Chijindu. was a Student of political science IMO state University (2013-2017) He is a Good and worthy fellow of Rotary club of world bank Cb. Where he server humanity as a Rotaractor. Chijindu was the D.G of CAPACITY Campaign team (2015-2016) Campaign Manger (2016-2017)..
Because of his good effort in the struggle of Aluta he was recognized as a Comrade and also called a field marshal by all the high comrades in IMO state university and in that same struggle he was appointed as the Chief of Staff to the 16th Republic SUG President of IMO state university.

Rotr Ezemuonye Chijindu was
honoured with many AWARD OF HONOUR before he left School.. The last was an Award of Honour from National Association of political science students IMO state university as a good representative of the department of political science and (AMBASSADOR OF NAPSS).

Smallville as he is fondly called by pets and friends, was ones an Imsu cadet officer and a jovial friend to his juniors and comrades .
HOBBIES: all work and no play makes jack a Jackie". As he always says he is an introveit but a besotted lad in the field of creativity, he loves social networks, swimming and playing lawn tennis, he likes socializing unwrapping mysteries, also likes writing, reading novels, traveling.

Many people are born crying, live complaining and die disappointed but the obverse has been the case of Chijindu, he has the burning desire to be the president of Nigeria one day, a burning desire to make Nigeria a better place for all. I believe in vision 2024
If we continued writing about him and achievements, it will not end today because Rotr Ezemuonye chijindu is an achiever no matter his young age.
I just want to say a happy birthday to myself, wishing my self a happy glorious birthday and long life, prosperity, good health and all the good things in the world.....
And also a high thank you to my family, my second family which is my Ogssian brothers, my Comrades, my sweethearts, my day one niggas, my besties, my BFF, my friends my well wishers.....
Special thanks to all who have been part of my journey so far, right from my first day in this world, I thank you all.

Thank you Jesus for making me to see this day! So so happy!!!

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