Friday, 25 August 2017

ALATIA COMMUNITY : The touching cry of an Imo Community left in the ruins of Isolation and Darkness since creation(photos )

They are only remembered when their franchise is needed during election and afterwards are dumped even after the the are promised by different administrations of getting their plight heeded to.
After decades of underdevelopment and neglect of their plight an illustrious son of the area and activist has taken it up to bring to the notice of everyone and relevant authorities to the pain and agitation of this community that is yet to enjoy any Basic form of development ranging from poor road networks, terrible educational structures and to Crown it all no electric light has been experienced by this community since it's creation. .

Below is the thrilling tale of this community as narrated by Okechukwu Chinomnso


The biblical Jews in exile, held captive by the Babylonians, sat and wept by the Rivers of Babylon because of the apparent torment brought on them by their captors. Unlike the biblical Jews, but worse, the people of Alatia Autonomous Community in Ngor Okpala LGA are in captive in their own land, held captive by the modern day Babylon – bad leadership; or how else can we describe a community lacking electricity, water supply, roads, health care, security and other things that should be accessible to a “free born”; even prisoners have access to some of these amenities. Alatia Autonomous community seems to be a city unknown to the rest of the world, waiting for their own Christopher Columbus to be discovered. Even the “new world” had a better chance of being discovered than Alatia may have now as we do not have motor able roads to access the community.

With a population of possibly close to 200,000 indigenes and residents, Alatia cannot boast of social amenities required to sustain human life. We have been abandoned by our leaders and government to rot and die perhaps. Imagine all the things the energetic and enterprising youths of the community could have achieved with electricity, but this remains only in our imaginations as our dear community has never seen electricity, never ever! Our children and elderly fall ill and only resort to cries of lamentation like the Jews by the Rivers of Babylon because we do not have functional health care centers. We are in a terrible state and this is a cry for help. Like the Jews cried out to Yahweh, we are crying out to our dear Governor and our representatives in the federal and state parliaments to hear our cry. There is no need for an epistle and that is why I have made this piece short and to the point, please let Alatia Autonomous Community be discovered and rescued from the captivity of neglect and bad leadership. Please come and save us!

We have never seen NEPA light in our community ALATIA AUTONOMOUS community since the world began, any effort on ensuring light is a life history that will forever be appreciated

We pledge our support through our LGA during campaign like banners(flex), tags etc to also be rescued
Rescue mission agender come and eradicate darkness in our ALATIA AUTONOMOUS community with getting light investors will come in and rapid development will take place

This plea is written by Engr Chinomnso Okechukwu out of deep concern for his neglected and abandoned people.

President general Alatia development and empowerment initiative


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Thanks and God bless

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