Saturday, 8 July 2017

'YOU ARE UN-PARLIAMENTAL’ - SUG Clerk Replies Open letter

The Imo state University SUG Clerk, Senator Johnkenndy has replied the open letter written to him by a member representing Faculty of Health Science at the SUG Parliament Senator Ebenu Toby Tobenna.

The SUG Clerk
Recall that Senator Ebenu Toby Tobenna recently wrote an open letter to the clerk pointing that information dissemination and carrying all Senators along should be the priority of the clerk.

The clerk has replied saying that it is contrary to the rules of the Parliament.

Senator Ebenu Toby Tobenna
Here is the reply to the letter, published without any form of mutilation.

It reads in full:

“It is very obvious that some fellows in the SUG Senate thinks it's a thing if jamboree.
You call yourself a lawmaker but yet you can't read your constitution very well".

“When you visit the section of the constitution that detailed about sitting and its proceedings, you will find out that emergency meetings are called for when the need arises. Now the speaker determines when a sitting should be and the clerk is the next to know about it so as to inform the house as long as the student's environs are concerned". 

"We are not in national assembly where sitting is held compulsorily on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
So my dear Sen Toby, take your time and look into your constitution before making a write up about sitting".

"Emergency sitting can be called for today, 3hours or 4hours before the time especially during security challenges or critical issues. That's why you are expected to dress well whenever you are coming to school as a serving senator, I therefore urge the health science constituency to call their senator to order and direct him to know what constitution is written in the constitution before making utterance and mockery of him".
Yours in service Sen. Johnkennedy I.G (SUG clerk).

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