Monday, 19 June 2017

Six Films Nollywood should consider making.

Writers, they say, get inspiration from goings-on around them.
All they need to do is open their eyes and look at their environment, their friends, their family members, their society or their country and dozens of inspirational materials will stare them in the faces.
In a country like Nigeria, there is no shortage of entertainment-worthy materials. Nearly everywhere you turn, you find something that amazes you.
Our political scene as been a farce lately with the issues of the missing President, the budget that took almost too long to pass, our hilarious lawmakers and so on.
Nollywood has been amazing at giving us trending stuff, even to the level of ridiculousness like Brazillian Hair BabesBlackberry Babes and Ebola.
But it seems we are getting too serious. We are focusing too much on breaking the cinemas and having exquisite red carpet premieres.
Not every time red carpet jor, let’s continue to have fun.

1. ‘Ajekun Iya’

dino melaye
Dino Melaye

This should be a hit if well done. I mean, there is already a hit soundtrack by none other than Uncle Dino Melaye. There have also been several remixed version of this hit including an opera. LOL!

I personally even wonder why none of our filmmakers has put this title and hit soundtrack into a film.

Story-line? Just one stubborn village chief who is refusing to listen to the cries of his people and eliminates everyone who stands to oppose him.

Sounds too much like African leaders abi? Of course.

2. ‘Where is Our King?’

Chiwetalu Agu


There is a ruler who has suddenly abandoned his throne, stool or whatever it is because he needs to seek some divine healing for mysterious rashes that have engulfed him after sleeping with one of the wives of his council chiefs.

Because of the loyal members of the council and kingmakers, he has assembled over the years, the head of the warriors who is next in line to be king is being overlooked as they continue to flaunt the laws of the land as handed down by their forefathers.

Chiwetalu Agu should be cast as the king.

3. ‘Evans the Kidnapper’

Simple, straight-forward story: There is a notorious kidnapper who has been terrorising a town for years and evading the law enforcement officers of the land finally falls in their net, towards the end of the movie of course. And then he miraculously disappears when he is about to be sentenced.

This paves way for a part 2.

I wish Hanks Anuku still had Nollywood’s time. He would have been perfect for that role. None of those ajebutter sturvs all these OC Ukeje and Tope Tedela people are doing these days. LOL!

Mind, the two I mentioned above are brilliant actors. We just would love a hard guy for the role.

4. ‘Trump–eter’

How about that

Let’s just have a film of a lawless, uncouth, leaky-mouthed, ugly character who does not follow laid down rules or tradition and is as disrespectful as the rat in my house.

He would have no regard for the next person but will one way or another find himself in charge of a large empire.

5. ‘Marriage Wahala’

Nollywood has had its share of failed marriages

This is one tricky one. It might not be easy to make this film because some of the Nollywood peeps can relate to this one and it will feel like they are dissing themselves.

Some will even argue that it is not a funny something. However, considering the fact that they have brought these issues into the eye of the public, we can as well kuku enjoy a film like that.

If there will ever be a film like this, I hope the producers and directors have enough madness to cast  Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Aigbe in it. Tiwa Savage can also make a cameo appearance.

6. Omo To Risky

Who says we cannot make a film about this awesome dude right here?

No, not me. See below.

Yes, him!
Don't even touch me cos am not feeling fine unless u have hospital bills..lolz

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