Tuesday, 20 June 2017

IMSU SUG Presents One day Workshop on Root to Financial Upgrowth

Zenith Bank in collaboration with the SUG through the office of the Director of Finance.

Amending the broken hearts caused by bankruptcy, with a program.


The above program is slated to hold on the 21st of June 2017.

Venue: School Auditorium

A program focused on educating students on the following.

👉🏽Saving Culture
👉🏽Financial Viability
👉🏽Financial Independence

The above program is going to be a bomb as there are lots of things accompanying it.

💪🏾To all who will attend, will have free access to open a free Zenith Bank account, which comes with a dual-SUG ID Card, having the function of an ATM card and also function's as SUG ID card..

💪🏾Also to all who opens the Zenith Bank free account will be given a free gate way access to the Zenith Bank wifi everyday you enter the school premises.
Free of charge

Side attractions includes
👌🏾Lecture by Zenith Bank
      Manager from lagos.
👌🏾Rap competition
👌🏾Dance competition
👌🏾IQ test e.t.c

Three students who emerges as the winners from above competitions will be given a straight reward to serve as Zenith Bank Student ambassador, to be paid every month...

lot of gifts will be given to all participants which includes.

👌🏾key holders
👌🏾bags and so more...

To be fully part of this program,  come alongside with a passport, and a photocopy of your admission letter, as to open the free account..

For more inquiries
Ceazer FM;+2348036861127

NOTE: These program is organized by SUG D.O.F, All Directorates of Finance in different level & COPRESS.

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