Saturday, 13 May 2017

SUG IMPEACHMENT: Allegedly Suspended IMSU SUG Executive clears the Air; says He is Innocent and still in Office



The Alleged impeachment of comrade Avalon  and Intermission of Comrade PC is unconstitutional, the parliament Ridiculed itself by not working in aberration with the principle of IMSU SUG Constitution, this was revealed in an exclusive interview with the alleged Suspended IMSU 16TH Republic SUG Director of Welfare Comrade Ukadike Princewill (PC).
 Comrade Ukadike Princewill (PC) and Comrade Uzoma Promise (AVALON) were Allegedly Suspended and Impeached Respectively on Thursday 11TH May 2017 on Accusations bordering on Obscene Mismanagement of the Union’s treasury and flagrant behavior.

The Averred Impeached Student Leader today May 13, 2017 refuted maintaining that he is innocent of the charges, to that end remains the SUG Director of welfare.

IMSU SUG Parliament is made up of fifty-five (55) senators,  break-down of five (5) from each faculty across the university; Nevertheless twenty – six  (26) senators which is not the Majority of the house obliged gestural to the Alleged Impeachment, making it Illegal and Unconstitutional.

Senator Kamalu Representing Faculty of Law and as well the In-house chairman on Legal Matters alongside Senator Njemanze Representing Mass communication Department at the SUG parliament spoke on behalf of Comrade Uzoma Promise (AVALON).

The Duo categorically stated thus “AVALON was Illegally Impeached because Majority of the house did not subscribe to his Impeachment as Prescribed in the Union’s constitution; Most of the senators were absent at the Plenary sitting.

“Those that have graduated should Leave IMSU SUG, Senator Clean and Star baby were illegally brought into the parliament, and their Criminalized Academic Cumulative Grade Point will be revealed at the Moot Court on Tuesday May 16th because we have filled a suit”. 

Furthermore, speaking on the alleged suspension of Comrade Ukadike Princewill (PC), the capacious and mortal Comrade said “it is not the role of the In-house to take over from an executive as defined by the union’s constitution; Senator Mark Frank gave out fake receipt on Matriculation day to food vendors”.

“I was allegedly suspended because I do not bring money to the cabals in the SUG parliament who are not interested in the welfare of students, the alleged Impeachment and suspension is a stage managed script, to that end I remain the substantive Director of welfare 16th republic”.

The allegedly incriminated executive has taken legal action challenging the authenticity of his impeachment; a law suit has been filed in which the hearing is slated Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th May 2017 at Moot Court Imo State University Owerri.



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