Friday, 21 April 2017

The wickedness of cultism in IMSU and the sudden demise of Angel O’Brien


The killing of angel O’Brien is undoubtedly one of the several cult related killings in Imo State University, the evil cultism has contributed generally in Imo State University in recent times is enough to call a referendum on shutting down the campus for life but no one would agree with me because even secondary schools are now at the forefront of cult activities.

It is really disheartening, pathetic and indescribably disgusting how dilapidating the situation has rendered our beloved citadel.

This is one year after the sudden death of Mr. Angel O'Brien, a final year Law student of the Imo State University, Owerri, who was processing his clearance papers as he was due to leave the institution. It was an attack suspected to be related to cultism as he was shot dead inside the dry drainage that is located along IMSU extension Gate, twelve months ago.

As a student journalist in IMSU, I personally took a trip to his Facebook page after the break of the sad news and from all l could gather, he was a cool and loveable student but he still wasn't safe.

He wasn't safe because we have continually seen, heard and read of incidents where cultists are picked and shot dead just when they are about to leave the confines of IMSU as graduates but the case of O'Brien could be either of two scenarios - he was a cultist and had been a target or he offended some people and they wanted to serve revenge when it will taste sweeter. Yet, no amount of revenge is justifiable when it has to do with taking life that you cannot give.

During the recently concluded orientation programme (2016/2017) in school, I personally observed that the institution took the pain to hammer on the ills of cultism and its danger to student’s life in Imo state university but many students will still turn deaf ears to the instruction.

It is not possible to be at peace with all men all the time but it is possible not to step on people's toes. Try to be friendly as much as you can.

It is possible to avoid cultism, people have. We should never forget that cultism kills just as it has taken Angel and so many others. Please let’s avoid it like a plague and let’s unite as Imo stars to pledge peace in the main campus and various student alliance of Imo state university owerri.

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