Saturday, 4 February 2017

Jaywise reacts to beef betwen singer sidney and manager sleem

Popular South East Rapper Jay wise has spoken on the alleged bad blood brewing between Sidney and his manager sleem below is what he said 
"can't really conclude on this note there is a lot to being a music manger, many managers are after the pleasure,a manager is a pillar of an artist,artist is like a phone while the manager is the charger,
when the phone is down a good manager doesn't wait for light, he scouts for light, when a manager doesn't make moves it affects the artist,Sydney has his reasons for taking such decision, in as much as he can't do it alone in the game but he also needs a hard working go getter manager to help him go beyond his current level,
so if he thinks his manager is not up to standard that he needs a new manager cool and that doesn't make the guy a looser, we all gat different gifts, I remember 1 of my manager den worked for me because of his love for my music not that he has the skills So do whatever it takes to make your dream come through, cause if you fail, fingers will point at you and not the manager, if your charger no strong baba buy new charge"

We hope to see this duo come back again.

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