Tuesday, 14 February 2017

IMSU student activist commends free tertiary education policy of Gov. okorocha

A concerned imo state university comrade Sen Frank Nero a.k.a Dr Clinic reacts to the recent comment by a student unionist cmrd. Alex Paddy with his humble opinions, advices, suggestions and pleads. 
He started by quoting an igbo proverb as a tittled man in Lake Nwaebere saying that "odinma ka ekele nwanyi akidi ka onwe ike gwota ozo". He said that there is an utmost need for imo stars to be grateful with the free education policy from 2011 till date by the Executive Governor of imo state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha(The grand Commander of free education). 
Sen Frank Nero a.k.a Dr Clinic
 He stated that no matter how good/bad this policy is/has been, it is of a plain truth that it has one way or the other influenced the lives and welfare of imo stars on the positive aspect and it is the best policy in imo state last time he checked. He said also that nothing in life is totally free because it is only when we pay an affordable price that we will understand the true value, even breathe of life given to man by God for free is still been purchased with an affordable price at birth through gasping efforts and pains. 
 Again he stated a fact that western education can never be totally free but the cost was reduced in terms of tuition fee as compared to some other state universities though it might not be the cheapest therefore we must sacrifice a little now to gain much in the future. In his words he said "let us love, appreciate, obey, and pray for our dearly great citadel of learning imo state university and our amiable governor". 

He added,"Imo stars let us in any way we can plead, urge, and hope that the state government, imo state university administration body and other bodies concerned to come to our rescue on some crucial and vital issues making learning process unhealthy and difficult for us which includes problem of NUC accreditation, poor learning facilities, intolerable activities of some academic and non academic staffs, insecurity of our life and properties, unnecessary increase in hostel rents (even for hostels that lack basic facilities/amenities) etc".

He also said that imo state university is an expensive learning industry maybe due to some reasons beyond our(students) knowledge but still with our token of gratitudes let us thank our amiable governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha if not for any other thing but for having the thought that free education policy will benefit imo stars and making successful steps towards achieving it though there may be challenges and unforseen circumstances trying to hinder his kindness towards students and his love for education. 

 He concluded by quoting "there is neither any hitch free government nor worst government".

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