Wednesday, 1 February 2017

IMSU librarian celebrates ten years in office (photos)

The weather eye was kept open at imo state university owerri(IMSU) auditorium Tuesday 31st February as the chief librarian of the university celebrated three thousand six hundred and fifty three solid days(10years) as imsu librarian.
Magnus okee okoro, PhD
Magnus okee okoro, PhD, professor of library and information science was appointed imo state university librarian on 1st February 2007 for a term of five years, at the expiration the first tenure, he was reappointed by professor Victoria adobi obasi who was then commissioner for education for a second term (five years) with effect from February 1st 2012 based on good performance, making it total of ten (10) years as a librarian in imo state university.
professor Victoria adobi obasi
The professor of library and information science made thanksgiving speech, in his word, he said “to GOD be the glory, it was within the period of being university librarian that I became a professor of library and information science, some individuals get offended and agitated when their tenure expires but today am the happiest person”.

Imo state university scored 100% in national university commission (NUC) accreditation when prof. maagnus okoro was appointed university librarian 2007. “Only seven months passed and I was faced with my first baptism of fire in the form of NUC accreditation for 20 departments including medicine and surgery, the record show that the university got full accreditation in all 20 departments”.

Professor magnus okee okoro recounted experience as university librarian, as lecturer and mentor, university ombudsman, university administrator, as honorable commissioner, community servant.
In addition, he categorically stated his accomplishments, accolades, thoughts, feelings and reminiscences boosting that for 29 solid years, he has never collected bribe, sorting from any student.
The occasion was graced by Dr. alex mbata prochancellor and chairman governing council imsu, prof. Victoria adobi obasi former commissioner for education and acting vice chancellor IMSU, mr. emeka ejinkonye registrar IMSU, Dr. chidi nwosu head of department library and information science IMSU,
Dr. chidi nwosu head of department library and information science IMSU
staff and student, student union government representatives, gentlemen of the press and host of dignitaries.
Mr. Emeka Ejinkonye registrar IMSU
The vice chancellor in closing remark applauded the erudite scholar of library and information science assuring that the university will retain him as an academic staff.
This means that at the expiration of professor magnus okoro one year sabbatical rest,  he will return back to the department of library and information science as a lecturer.
The minister of GOD who officiated the ceremony was Rev. Fr. Anthony njoku chaplain st. joseph catholic church IMSU.
Rev. Fr. Anthony Njoku
The successor of prof. magnus okee okoro as IMSU librarian is DR. Emeka Uchendu PhD, professor of library and information science.

First son of Prof. okoro


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