Saturday, 4 February 2017

Drama as IMSU DOS Sunky barres Lambasixx from performing at Awareness event in School.

                                                    SUNKY Imsu DOS

When did we start politics with bitterness in Imsu ?. Information reaching us from some quarters has it that during the most recently held  Kio Darlighton Pink Owerri Cancer program which it's awareness was held on Wednesday  1st Feb at Imsu Love Garden there was a little mix of drama in it.
Sources has it that the show was going well until when it got to the turn of Dance-hall act and former
IMSU SUG Director of Socials Aspirant Lambasixx to thrill the crowd but was reportedly stopped from performing based on the orders of the Director of socials Sunky who insiders told us has vowed to make Lambasixx social relevance in the school die down.
 A student who observed the scenario said the MCs that was there made it more humiliating by not doing anything or speaking up on behalf of the Alleluia crooner knowing fully well the role he plays in Imsu Social community and being one of the brightest Dance hall acts of Imsu extraction.    

 It was further gathered that since Sunky emerged DOS he doesn't involve Lambasixx in his scheme of affairs and doesn't even shake his hand when they run into each other in school because he sees him as a rival haven run against him for the office of Imsu Director of Socials.

Efforts to reach both parties to comment on the matter proved abortive.

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  1. Help me tell Sunky or what so ever his f**king name is that politic is a game of wise men not babies like him. He can't stop Lambasix from shining rather he is making himself an enemy of the public. Madness of power. What a shame.


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