Wednesday, 8 February 2017

2017: Floxy on right foot with ‘Much Pain’ video, explains delay on ‘African Woman’

Floxy might not have had the best 2016, but she is definitely putting that behind with the shooting of the video for her single ‘Much Pain’.

Speaking in Owerri, Imo State during the video shoot, Floxy said everything is falling in place again and she is just looking forward to things being okay for her, just like a ‘perfect artiste’. She added that things have been a little off for her, but everyone knows how the country is.

“For an artistes, you want to see yourself shifting from studio to the screens; you want to be on TV; you want to shoot videos and do other things that will really put your face out there. That is how I think artistes live their lives and that is how I want to live mine”, she said.

She further acknowledge that being an artiste in Nigeria is one of the easiest thing to do by jumping into the studio to record an putting it out online and radio stations, but there are other things involved. She said; “The grace of God is the major thing. It makes you do the right things and also connects you with the right people that will help you move up the lather. It has kept me where I am today and I am grateful to everyone He has been using to further my musical career”

On why the duet ‘African Woman’ with Malawian born singer Fortune is yet to be released, she said “There’s been a delay because Fortune was unwell. We want her to be fine to follow things up from there and we believe this will be happening soon. It is a good song, not because I’m in it, but because many people have said that”

“For now, my management is taking things one at a time, and once we are done with the video, we will be unveiling other things we have in stock for 2017”

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