Thursday, 19 January 2017

Bride Arrives Wedding Venue In A Tractor

Aisling Graham decided to go for the unconventional in her choice of
vehicles for her wedding. "As I was putting my dress on, I heard the
tractors coming up the lane," Graham said. "So the dress went on
pretty quick so I could go out to see the tractors… The owner had them
shined and put ribbons on all of them."
"I am from a farming background and
I've been driving a tractor sincesil I was about 8," she said. "I love
the whole silage season and I love driving a tractor.
So I said if was ever to get married, I'd
be taking a tractor to my wedding."
Her husband wasn't left out of the fun as
he showed up to the wedding with his
groomsmen in some heavy duty lorries.

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