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........AND HE READ HIS OBITUARY : If you go how would your story be told? (A MUST READ)

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                                                               Alfred B Nobel
After various experiments, a Sweedish scientist, Alfred B. Nobel
(1833-1896) finally created an explosive which can be detonated at
will, he was able to keep the compound in stick-form with an
inflammable thread-like element protruding from it's head. He named
it, the dynamite. This was a dream come true, it was used in mining
and various other forms through which raw materials were tapped from
the earth.
He amassed a lot of wealth from this invention.
But soon, the military was interested in the dynamite, they used it (I
don't know if he was aware of this or not), soon this dynamite was
used to kill people faster than it was ever known before that time.
On a certain morning in 1888, the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel
awoke to read his own obituary. The obituary was printed as a result
of a journalistic blooper, Alfred’s brother had kicked the bucket, and
a French reporter carelessly reported the death of the wrong brother.
Any man would be disturbed under the circumstances, but to Alfred the
shock was flabberwhelming  because he saw himself as the world saw
him, the obituary read thus,

“the dynamite King (the weapon maker), the great industrialist who had
made an immense fortune from explosives.
This as far as the general public was concerned – was the entire
purpose of his life. None of his true intentions to break down the
barriers that separated men and ideas were recognized or given serious
consideration. He was quite simply in the eyes of the public a
merchant of death, and for that alone he would be remembered…."

When he read this, he resolved to make crystal-clear to the world the
true meaning and purpose of his life. This could be done through the
disposition of his fortune. His last will and testament would be the
expression of his life’s idea, and the result was the most valued of
prizes given to this day
to those who have done most for the cause of world peace, hence the
creation of  Nobel Peace Prize.
Several persons, including a Nigerian (Wole Soyinka)  have benefitted
from this scheme. Thus, he succeeded in changing the mind of the
people, and redirecting their mindset towards his true personality.

Now, what is my intention for recalling this event that took place
decades ago? Alfred Nobel had a rare opportunity to read his obituary,
what would u want the world to say about you when u're gone. What will
the generations to come remember u for? The business you are into, the
business you want to venture into, is it legal or illegal? How are you
living your life? A good name they say is better than gold and silver.
Several generations have had their ways easy because of the good name
their fathers/mothers left for them. Nobel is mostly remembered
because of the Nobel peace prize, this is made possible because he
redirected his steps. You are still breathing, there is still time,
it's not late yet, I say to you, "REDIRECT YOUR STEPS AND KEEP A GOOD

Author: Precious Princewill

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