Friday, 23 December 2016

Photos: Banks Drastically brings down withdrawing limit as fears of them crashing increases.

According to MMM Crusaders online who have been seriously spamming our comment section Nigerian Banks Have Crashed:
Guys you see what happened in some banks in nigeria,

You want to withdraw 200k, they say No, you must withdraw 100k those withdrawing 100k, they gave them 50k, most funny part is, you can’t withdraw above 200k.. When I ask, they said, its festive period, if too much money is removed from the system, and non remaining to run their affairs, they’ll go bankrupt..
And I was shocked, even bank we see face to face, faces what an online community as MMM facing now and then people still go about castigating it here and there… Where are the media houses, they must broadcast it oooo…

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