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AMA AWARDS FALL OUT: What they did not tell you and the truth behind it all (Pics/Docs evidence) + The Peace Ayiam Osigweh Sabotage

Inline image 1In a press statement made available to newsmen the organizers of AMA Awards (African Modelling Ambassadors Awards) has denied insinuations that AMA Awards flopped because they embezzled the funds meant for it. AMA Awards director in a lengthy press statement categorically blamed the state government of Imo state government for heeding the lies and deceit of some promiscuous elements who felt threatened that AMA Awards will overtake their brand and went ahead to connive with some celebrities to sabotage the success of the event.
AMA Awards Director Prince Chukwu Ogbonnaya Rolland in the the press statement listed how Miss Peace Osigwe Ayiam Director of AMAA (Africa Movie Academy Awards) and her cohorts witch hunted the success of the event and even bribed some cheap elements to make sure AMA Awards (African Modelling Ambassadors Awards) doesn't go as planned.
Below is the Press Statement with picture proofs

An official press statement on the fail to hold Africa Modeling Ambassadors' Awards AMA Awards  2016 in Owerri Imo State. Well, My name is Prince Chukwu Ogbonnaya Roland, the president of Africa Modeling Ambassadors (AMA) Well it was very unfortunate that the Africa Modeling Ambassadors' Awards AMA Awards events could not hold as scheduled. I want to use this medium to apologise to our fans, supporters, clients and the general public for the cancellation of the event. It all began in September 2016, when we wrote to the government of Imo State through the Executive Governor, His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha on the need to host the 2016 edition of Africa Modeling Ambassadors' Awards (AMA Awards) 2016, and on the 4th of October 2016, we recieved an approval and acceptance letter from the government to host the AMA Awards event.
The Governor went further to visually welcome the project to his state and told the world that his state has the capacity to host the event. The government was to provide the following, as their hosting responsibility: 1. Provide the venue for the event. 2. provide hotel accomodation for 50 celebrities. 3. provide feeding for two nights for 50 celebrities. 4. provide security. 5. provide publicity on state-owned TV and radio stations. These were all the government was required to do. The rest of the requirements were to be provided by us, our partners and sponsors. With these acceptance letter, we decided to start hunting for sponsors and partners. one day, somebody called me that he was from African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), he said that we cannot use the name AMA Awards.

 That it was their acronym. I told him that they cannot claim any acronym, that acronym belong to everybody whose company name fits. that our name is Africa Modeling Ambassadors Awards, and theirs is Africa Movie Academy Awards, both of them are AMA, even though they use AMAA, we use AMA. As you may know, their are many companies in the world that use AMA as their acronym, especially in the US, for example: America Medical Association (AMA), America Marketing Association (AMA),America Management Association (AMA),America Motorcyclist Association (AMA), Australian Medical Association (AMA), Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA),AMA University, Art Marketing Association (AMA),America Music Award (AMA), AMA International University, Art Moves Africa (AMA), Against Medical Advice (AMA), Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Ask Me Anything (AMA), Advance Maternal Age (AMA), Advance Measurement Approach (AMA), Automated Message Accounting (AMA), Alberta Medical Association (AMA), American Missionary Association (AMA), American Muslim Alliance (AMA), Alaska Miners Association (AMA), America Music Abroad (AMA), African Muslim Agency (AMA), America Media Association (AMA), America Modeling Association (AMA), Apart from AMA acronmy, there is  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC); there is Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) and National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to mension but a few. None of these have fought each other. The reason is because the sky is too big and can accomodate all kinds of birds. It was not long from the time the first person called to threaten us, the second person called and then the president and founder of the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Miss Peace Anyiam Osigwe called to threaten hell and brimstone. When they saw that we were not moved by their threats, they deviced another means of engaging in social media scandal, raising scam and fraud alerts. we sent a message to them, I quote, 'Peace, we are taking  record of all your posts and comments on social media, we will not react or respond to them. We are waiting for when you will publish it on a national newspaper so that we can use it as an undeniable evidence to sue you for character assasination and defamation of character. As a lawyer if you have any issues with us, you should institute a legal action against us instead of these social media propagation.' After we sent the message to her, she decided to device another means. She decided to influence some highly compromise celebrities,whose faces appeared on our publicity materials,who have personal relationship with her, to deny that they were not aware of the event and gave their consent,Because these three celebrities personal relationshiups with her, they decided to join her in raising fraud alert, writing disclaimers on their social media handles. They collectively wrote to discredit this noble vision. They even hired bloggers in Imo state to write down the event and post on their blog and social media platforms. We see her as being insecure. She is afraid because our project will swallow her own project over the years. Yes, she should be afraid because she runs a movie academy award which focuses only on movie stars, but ours covers all aspects of entertainment from movies, music, sports, comedy and conventional models and even society models from politics,business,religion and academicians etc. As for the government cancelling the project without asking questions, notice or investigation, it is highly disappointing and unfortunate as we see the Governor's action as a call from the 'high and mighty' to call off the project. If two people have a misunderstanding and government is involved, they should call the two waring parties, to hear from them and possibly settle their differences, not to take action to favour one partner. Imo state Government has nothing to lose if they continue with the event as they (government) are not the organizers of the event. they are just like other partners, It is the organisers of the event that should handle any opposition and not the government. Calling the event off on the eve of the event was very wrong and deliberate act to afflict pains on us. We see government as being compromised by those connected politicians and a phone calls for the 'high and mighty was responsible for their actions. We have written them letters of demand, seeking for compensation to recover the large amount of monies we have invested in this project.

They have 30 days to do that or else we shall seek redress in the court of law. We still believe in the Nigerian judiciary, that  there is still justice for the common man in our society. what I can't stop thinking about is that miss Peace Anyiam Osigwe should have focused on stopping us (Africa Modeling Ambassadors) from operating in Nigeria or other parts of Africa, instead of lurring Imo State government to back out of a project they were not forced into. They have done their worst by asking Imo State government to pull out an the government obeyed them. The very moment the government pulled out of the project, one of their sponsored bloggers posted on their whatsapp group and blogs that Mr Roland have embezzled 60 million naira meant for Imo entertainers. We have arrested him and have also given him through our lawyer, a letter of demand which is the process of heading to court. Failure on his side to meet to our demands, we shall be heading to court. They all arranged it in such a way that it will look like we are fraudsters. At first, they raise a fraud alert; secondly compromise some celebrities to also raise fraud alerts. Thirdly they made government to pull out of the project a day to the event, then lastly hired bloggers to write that we have embezzled 60 million naira. In the eye of the public, we are fraudsters but we will fight to recover our lost reputable, glory and corporate image.

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