Friday, 23 December 2016

AFTERMATH OF IMSU SUG ELECTION: How Spirit of Comradeship died + how others were made victims for the imposed victors

The Imsu SUG elections might have come and gone but, the events of the past few days will forever remain in our memory. Believe it or not the spirit of Comradeship has died in our beloved institution.
How do you explain a situation where the Chairman of the appointed committee to conduct the SUG election compromised and we stood calm and allowed such impunity to go on without reacting appropriately.

We all stood and watch a front-line student activist and a contestant got marginalized and was disqualified from the race for no just reason and we calmed down and treated it with hand gloves.
A concrete bribery evidence implicated many of our student leaders and UNECO Chairman and his cohorts still we stood and watched no protest to stop the election until all our questions are answered.

Now we have people imposed by god fathers at the helm of affairs at the SUG it is still us that calmed and watched impunity take place that will be affected when our interest would be stumped on for the interest of a selected few. Our investigations gathered that a majority of the students from certain departments were disenfranchised especially when they are perceived to be  for a candidate that the people at the top does not want to win. It gets more worse when the security agents that are suppose to maintain the peace and tempo of the election are the ones causing chaos by intimidating students, and acting as machinery to rig the election to favor those that have been imposed by the godfathers.

We are most grateful to those candidates that stood their grounds and did not compromised even when their success at the polls were at stake and went ahead to expose the evil and impunity that took center stage during the election period.

Congratulations to the winners and we hope they represent the interest of the students, though some of them were imposed.
But let them not forget that some people became victims for them to become victors during this period.

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