Wednesday, 9 November 2016

UNECO APPOINTMENT: Chyso is of no questionable character, so he can deliver - Sen. FrankNero (AKA CLINIC)


After a student of Imsu wrote to bare his mind and criticize the appointment of Chyso as Imsu UNECO chairman another student   Sen. Frank Nero AKA Clinic  has reached out to us  in defense of Chyso's appointment while criticizing the person calling for the review of Chyso's appointment. 

below is how he communicated to us
He made a point yes but I believe in individual differences among human.. Chyso I know too well without sentiments for fear or favour is a leader and has what it takes to carry out the task if not his name would have not been mentioned... That neutral person or body he need my question is "in what ways has he (neutral man) contributed to the growth of unionism in our great citadel?"
Lets try and be grounded on issues before we comments. A man is equal to his acchievements only!!

The student who identified himself as Sen. FrankNero AKA CLINIC went further to tell our correspondent in Imsu that since Chyso is of no questionable character he should be allowed t chair the committee. 


  1. Nawa can you say that an executive member to be an electoral member and even the chairman is right?...that's too bad to come from you clinic...we're disappointed in you. I hope if this happens in Nigeria you won't say it's a bad thing. For all I know all SUG excos in UNECO should voluntarily opt-out themselves or nemesis will catch up with them. #Nigeria bad today, na una start am.

  2. I wish IMSU's constitution is out, that way someone can know if it's wrong or not, there is a very big difference between secular and non secular politics and the rles too.

    1. Please Imsu SUG has a constitution. Ask your source very well.

  3. mean SUG is a non-secular politics? Is OK...but in which ever way...why not make your former departmental President the NOSEC chairman of your forthcoming NOSA election. People sef.


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