Sunday, 6 November 2016

Credibility of IMSU SUG elections threatened with Chyso's appointment as UNECO Chairman - Student writes to elitism6

Imo state University SUG elections is one electoral process in Imsu students use in testing their popularity, flex their political muscles among other things. Over the years no SUG election has gone by without observers and participants decrying the level of electoral malpractices that the electoral process is always  besieged  with. Complaints ranges from duplicate voting to high degree of rigging  by the appointed electoral officers who most times favors those in good terms with them and those that gave them back hand parcels.

 Recently a concerned student of the institution who did not want his name in print reached out to  to voice his opinion on the recent appointment of a former aspirant and a current office holder in the SUG Nwogu Chyso (Director Welfare) as Chairman of UNECO (University Electoral Committee) according to the student, it was un-ethical for some one that is already holding a position in the school SUG to be made the election committee chairman, considering the fact that he had contested before, had opponents then and made friends who were in his team and also made rivals who he contested against.

                                Nwogu Chyso Imsu SUG Dirctor of Welfare

with all this and more it is obvious the student is not neutral and is likely going to favor one side as against another. The student who is  from the political department where he is currently studying political science said politically in an electoral process it is only those with no political affiliations and those that have not contested for any political position and certified neutral in every ramifications are best considered  to head an electoral committee to make for a credible election.

He went further to say that one thing that has killed credibility of SUG elections over the years in Imsu is non-neutrality  of UNECO  members which the appointment of Chyso Nwogu is likely going to make worse because it is more like appointing a former Governor of a state as INEC chairman and still expect credible polls. The student who said he is not doubting the credibility of Chyso but, considering the fact he has delved in the school SUG politics makes it obvious that he is not neutral. Therefore the most necessary  action should be taken by the relevant authorities to make for credible elections.

IMSU SUG DOI ( Director of Information) Zanders was the first to break the information of Chyso's appointment as UNECO Chairman.


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