Sunday, 2 October 2016

Touching photos from Syria shows those caught suffering the most are innocent citizens.

As Syria’s armed conflict continues for the last five years, the death toll has escalated beyond count. As the horrors unfold, everyday the situation gets worse in Aleppo, the capital city of Syria. The number of people trapped in Aleppo’s rebel-held eastern districts includes nearly 300,000 people – a 100,000 of them children.

Aleppo is a pocket of resistance, some eight miles long and three miles wide that civil defense workers said has been hit by 1,900 bombs in the past week. The campaign has wreaked destruction on hospitals, clinics, residential buildings, water stations and electric generators.

At least 96 children are among the 320 people killed in Aleppo since a cease-fire collapsed on September 19, according to UNICEF. This results as Syrian and Russian warplanes barrage the city’s eastern opposition neighborhoods, trying to crush more than five years of resistance there. According to the World Health Organization, almost a third of the 840 people wounded over the same period are children.

“Aleppo is one of the most dangerous places in the world, and in the last week it has become perhaps the most dangerous place in the world for children,” Juliette Touma, regional chief of communications for the UN children’s agency told The Associated Press.

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