Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Touching story of how, HOMELESS,DEAF,BLIND and DUMB man found succour in the hands of good Samaritans (photos)

Thanks  to good Samaritan @ Agbalanze GranDeity, Miracle Nnam, and  Claire Akunna who met a  helpless man in point of need and compassionately volunteered to be God's ambassador unto him.

They posted in Facebook thus:

I was still in bed this morning when my beautiful Miracle Nnam called me and said "Grandy, there's this man I really need us to meet, I believe he really needs us, I do drop Alms for him everyday but I believe he needs more than just alms, he cries everytime" I sluggishly went out of bed and contacted my sweet Claire Akunna and we all got set to go meet the man.
On getting to Aria road (New market Enugu) we saw this man lying on the ground like a log of wood, fully hopeless, fully down and out like an outcast, no one smiles at him, merely looking at him right there you'd feel he's dead. I gave him a tap and you needed to have seen the way he jumped to embrace me, having the feeling of someone ever touching him again in a long while... to our greatest surprise, HE IS DEAF, DUMB, BLIND and almost LAME, mentally okay but with SWOLLEN FEET caused by cars running over his legs I guess cos there were scars...
Claire gave him water to drink and he finished a whole bottle before one can say 'Jack'... He requested (with hand signs) we take him to a more convenient place so he can get away from the sun and have rest, we took him to the nearest bus stop where he does sleep, he brought out 100naira note and asked that we should help and buy him Fufu and Soup (With hand signs) Lol... Claire and Mimi rushed to get him the meal as I fed him a plate of rice we came with... Before they could return he was done with the plate of rice, finished 2wraps of groundnut and 1apple... Continued with the Fufu again and finished before it before we could say 'tom'... He gave us hugs one after the other, placed our hands on his chest, murmured few words and raised the hands to the heavens... We spent almost an hour with him giving him just LOVE, CARE and COMPASSION while people stopped, stare and wonder.
Now this is why I brought this particular story here... I need just 7volunteers who stays around New Market Enugu, it's not a big task and we don't need your money, if 7volunteers can volunteer to take food to this homeless man at least once a day, (One volunteer can choose to take too to this man every Monday, another will choose Tuesday, another Wednesday and so on)

Just 7persons staying around new market can give a new meaning to this man's life as he awaits his dying day... Don't come here to tell me God bless me... BE THAT VOLUNTEER or find someone who can.

Share till it gets to those staying around new market Enugu.


From us @elitism6
Let's join our spirit to theirs and inspired the world through service to God and humanity. The blind man needs shelter, he needs cloths, He needs food. He needs care and love. Let Nigeria arise! be our brothers keep as done by Grandy, Claire and Miracle.

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