Friday, 23 September 2016

Forget Singapore and London, check how Dubai rich kids ball (photos)

I said it. When they came up with London’s Rich Kids, I was like London bawo, then they came up with Singapore’s Rich Kids, I said fair enough, but excuse me awon Dubai nko? The country where an average man drives the latest G-Wagon,  where their police have the latest rides to keep the community safe; Hummer, Bentley, just name that posh brand and they drive it for public use. 95percent of the cars on their roads are brand new, so I said awon da (where are they)? Now they are here, and London & Singapore kids ARE JUST KIDDING NEXT TO THEM, Lol. Let’s go...

Dubai is home to the world’s only seven-star hotel and shopping centre as well as an enormous gold market.

So it’s the perfect playground for a bunch of ‘spoilt kids’ for whom money is no object.

The Rich Kids of Dubai dance on dollar bills, go through the McDonald’s drive thru in supercars and own pet cheetahs. Continue...

A new Instagram account, which has racked up 77,000 followers, claims to document their outrageous antics.

“We feature Dubai’s most fabulous people!” the page states.

“Dubai cars, Dubai fashion, Dubai property… The Dubai dream!”

And what a dream it is.

These lavished teens, who rely on the bank of Mum and Dad to fund their lifestyles, don’t go on public transport – they travel by helicopter or supercar only.

They are also known for going to London with their Ferrari which they move in by plane just for the holiday.

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