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The Biggest challenge facing O town artistes - KRISTOS tells all in new interview, his love for Asa and ''MARRY ME''

As fans wait in anticipation of the dropping of his largely anticipated new single titled ''Marry me'' O town star act and Ife crooner has in a new exclusive interview with revealed some interesting facts about him fans never knew and also his thoughts on some pressing issues in the Industry.

Below are excerpts from the interview

Elitism6 : may we met you?

Kristos : my name is Nwosu Chimezie Emmanuel.
I'm from Abia State and  I'm currently  schooling and doing my music in Imo state.
I'm a  student of Imo State University,  Owerri.  I'm in my final year in Psychology department.

Elitism6: tell us a bit about your background.?

Kristos: I am the second  child of the of the two children of Mr and Mrs Nwosu.

Elitism6: How long have you been in the music scene?

Kristos: This is my third year in the industry

Elitism6: tell us how has it been right from the beginning?

Kristos: it has always come with it's own ups and downs but we keep pushing forward.

Elitism6: so what has kept you going all this years?

Kristos: Passion for the music is what has kept me going

 Elitism6: Your soon to be released song with the recent media hype is likely gonna be the bomb so tell us, what was the inspiration behind the song Marry me?

Kristos: Basically the inspiration behind marry me was relationships, and there is this friend of mine who pampers the girlfriend with pet names and how beautiful it all sounds also inspired the song. So marry me basically was inspired by people's love life and how  they tend to appreciate each other.

Elitism6: What has been your most exciting moment so far in the industry.?

Kristos: Performing on the Night of a Thousand Laugh and all the excitement that comes from it has so far been the most exciting moment for me in the industry.

Elitism6: Tell us about your relationship status.?

Kristos: currently I am single and I am not searching

Elitism6: In the music scene who mentors you.?

Kristos: Right from the day one Asa has always been my Mentor I draw lots of inspiration from her song.

Elitism6: Asa  does Jazz, so that means you enjoy Jazz.?

Kristos: Yeah I enjoy Jazz but, I don't do it I only draw inspiration from Asa's kind of music.

Elitism6: In the International music scene which artiste would you like to work with.?

Kristos: I won't lie to you I would so much love to work with Bruno Mars, I love his style and he is so versatile and does so many styles.

Elitism6: So back home who would you like to work with.?

Kristos: Mehn Wizkid is the bomb ... you don't even need to ask me that. Wizkid and Korede Bello I can't wait to work with them.

Elitism6: How do you see the entertainment industry in the next four years.?

Kristos: Let me start from Imo State. The entertainment scene in Imo state would be like that of Lagos, and in the next few years in Nigeria it is going to be International.

Elitism6: What is the biggest Challenge facing O town artistes?

Kristos: The major challenge here is appreciation they don't appreciate O town artiste, but we are working hard for them to appreciate us and it is working.

Elitism6: If you are given the chance to change any physical appearance you posses what would it be.?

Kristos: Am not saying I don't like it oo but, God please am hairy and it keeps coming oo , their is nothing I can do about it, that's the only thing I would like to change.

Eitism6: Tell us, what brought about the name Kristos.?

Kristos: It was actually given to me by a pastor in a church and it is a brand, I used to like pet names and the pastor came up and said he is going to give me a name I said no problem that if you give me a name I would bear it and he called me Kristos since then I have been working hard towards living up to it.

Elitism6: So does that mean you were close to doing something similar to gospel.?

Kristos. No it's just that I was this church guy and I belonged to the church choir, I wasn't close to doing gospel but, I love God.

Elitism6: Apart from music which Profession would you have opted for.?

Kristos: I would have been a dancer and apart from music I know how to talk I would have been an inspirational speaker and It helps my music.

Elitism6: So what do you think of

Kristos: mehn.. where ever you are just know that this blog is going places log in and support this blog and get updated.

Elitism6: Nice having you on the interview session with

Kristos:  Thank you very much.

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