Monday, 20 June 2016

Owed salaries, Strike action, civil litigations etc...Imo State might just be your worst kind of place to work as a civil servant. [Exclusive]

If you are the one that takes time to trek some distance which on a normal day you might board keke or take your car to. You might have noticed that of recent the look and countenance on people's face  in Imo have gone from being bad to worse, in as much as personal problem and internal battles might have a hand in it you still can't distance the economic hardship In the country which seems to have taken a heightened toll In Imo  state.

Before now our problem with the past administration was the arrogance of the Governor and how he prides his ego in talking to the people. But, with recent happenings in Imo  state you might not help but wish that the arrogant one had stayed at least you are assured of your monthly salary at the end of the month.
When we thought that APC led administration in Nigeria will steer the country's fortune in the right path we never knew that we were sending an invitation to thunder.

Though the country might be going through lot's of economic recess Imo State might just be in the most abysmal part of it. Ranging from lingering state's varsity strike as a result of not paying owed salaries and arrears to constant delay of paying civil servants in the state even though 30% of their salaries are now being cut off it gets worse to the extent that if one gets his 3rd month salary on the 6th month of the year he or she is deemed very lucky.
Some are given cheques and have to deal with the embarrassment of finding out that it's a dud cheque when they go to the bank to cash it.

Imolites were assured that there was enough money in the state during the 2011 campaign of the state governor. But the tone changed when what was suppose to be rescue mission turned out to be oppression mission.
After standing under the draining heat of the sun for some unorganized verification exercise a Large part of Imo  pensioners are yet to receive their pensions.

Imo  Broadcasting Corporation IBC story might be a bit worse. A worker in the Corporation who spoke to made it clear that they are owed up to 3 years in accruing arrears and work benefit not to talk of salary payments that fluctuates like NEPA light. Well IBC workers sorrow might have tripled as a result of them loosing their DG and foremost media personality Mrs Esther Obong Egbuna (A.K.A Sister E) it's more painful when you walk on empty stomach and see construction works worth millions of naira going on in some places you deem them not necessary and you wonder when having beautiful road junction construction is now more important than providing people money to eat.
Though we admire our government strides in some areas like bringing to live abandoned areas and edifices to live and giving free education which has been suffering some controversies though. Improved healthcare, security and environmental cleanliness. We still think the people will be more at peace when they have something to fend for themselves and their dependants.
Until we send you the greenlight just don't come to Imo State looking for government job unless you are ready to accept what comes with it .


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