Sunday, 19 June 2016

Fr.Mbaka talks about a revelation he had about Buhari's health.

The controversial and fiery preacher Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has disclosed of his recent vision concerning President Muhammadu Buhari’s ailment, the Daily Post has reported.
He has revealed he is very concerned about the president’s wellbeing and believes he may not survive his illness.
However, Mbaka says that with sincere and honest prayer Buhari could pull through and return to normal health.
Fr. Mbaka has a long stranding relationship with President Buhari
He also blamed certain individuals for Buhari’s plight as they are determined for Buhari to remain sick.

“Such people hate everything about the President,” he said, talking about his vision.

“His health was in a bad shape and he was asking that (Fr Mbaka) should pray for him. None among the people I have called picked my calls.
“People think I speak with Buhari every day. When people climb into power, they are dazed. It is a long dream. Our job is to pray for him but there are things that he must do and there is no way to communicate it to him.”

When describing his vision to his congregation, he called for prayers in support of Nigeria’s leader.
“We call on Michael the arch angel, Uriel the archangel, Gabriel the archangel to carry you in their wings back to life. They angels are bringing you back in their wings,” he said.
“We pray for our President and anyone that is suffering such a dangerous disease. We lift our healing hands for divine healing upon our president. Wherever he is, may he be healed in Jesus name Amen.”

While concluding the prayer, the prophet said he wants to see the president’s enemies shining and prospering, even if his healing may be little but now with our prayers and faith, the chances of his coming out is high.
“The spiritual energy with which we make this prayer is enormous that it shall do this for us. If you are ready for testimony, my God is ready with miracles.”
President Buhari was expected to arrive back in Nigeria tomorrow (Sunday) and are awaiting confirmation.

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